Antero Joki Free Diver

Finlandia Vodka, the Finnish vodka brand made from pure glacial water is producing a new documentary short series, “Journey From the Source: A Search For Less Ordinary Wisdom.”  The multi-episode series features a roster of world-class adventurers and seeks to raise awareness for the importance of preserving the world’s pure water sources – a cause central to the brand’s core.  Journey will travel from Finland to America and chronicle pure water advocates who have a passion for water conservation and an unexpected and compelling relationship with the planet’s rivers, waves, and mountains.

Freedive Record Holder Antero Joki Prepares for a Dive
Antero Joki Free Diver on boat
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Finlandia Vodka relies on the purity of glacial water, and as such, the brand maintains an unwavering commitment to protect pure water in all its forms, each year donating one percent of its US sales to pure water initiatives around the world through its partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Antero Joki Descends – He Never Dives Alone
Antero Joki Free Diver Diving
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The difference between free diving and scuba diving – With scuba diving you go to look what’s inside the sea, but with free diving you look to see what’s inside of you.
~ Antero Joki: a.k.a. The Kraken

Finlandia tapped award-winning filmmaker and pro surfer Mikey DeTemple and creative agency Mistress to showcase a roster of adventurers, activists, and record-breakers around the globe whose lives revolve around pure water. The documentary opens in Finland, where world record-breaking free diver Antero Joki demonstrates the mental strength and physical prowess required to dive to depths of nearly 100 meters below the water’s surface – without the assistance of any diving equipment. In Episode Two, the series explores the Florida coastline, which boasts the highest concentration of sharks in the world, with expert shark diver and aquatic explorer Bruce Rohrer. From here, the documentary moves to Virginia, where Olympic kayaker Jason Beakes takes on the notoriously dangerous waterfalls of the Potomac River. Journey From the Source concludes in Colorado, where river surfer and professional paddle boarder Brittany Parker masters the rapids she calls home.

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The Kraken Returns to the Surface
Antero Joki Free Diver going up
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The four-part documentary is hosted by Cory Richards, the award-winning explorer and National Geographic documentarian best known for becoming the first American to successfully summit an 8,000 meter peak in winter. In the series, Richards, who earned the 2012 Nat Geo Explorer of the Year award, fosters an authentic connection with each of the explorers though their shared passion for environmental causes.

“As a climber and explorer, water has taken me all around the world and given me many incredible experiences,” said Richards. “It was incredibly exciting to embark on this journey with other like-minded people who share my passion for adventure and the environment, and to work with a brand who supports our cause.”

“Finlandia has already made a substantial financial commitment to our natural resources, which are imperative to the future of our brand, through our partnership with 1% For The Planet,” added Finlandia Brand Manager Chris Doyle.  “Through Journey from the Source, we are trying to create an engaging dialogue about the need for pure water – one that resonates with our audience, and in turn, motivates them to champion this cause as well.”

Journey From the Source: Episode 1 with Antero Joki

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