Cascade Hollow Distillery - George Dickel TABASCO Barrel Finished Whisky

What goes around comes around. Hot sauce fans know that in order to make the world famous Tabasco Sauce, the peppery mix must spend at least three years in a used whiskey barrel. Now, the whiskey that once filled those barrels is headed back to those used barrels for its own round of flavoring.

The Cascade Hollow Distillery and its flagship George Dickel Tennessee Whisky brand have partnered with McIlhenny Company’s TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce to bring together a bit of Tennessee and a bit of Louisiana in a bottle of whiskey. The two teamed up to make George Dickel TABASCO Brand Barrel Finish Whisky.

George Dickel takes its Tennessee whisky and rests it in these used Tabasco barrels for 30 days, allowing the spice and flavor imparted on the wood from the tabasco peppers to add its unique finish. TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce is then distilled to create an essence, which is carefully blended together with the whisky to create George Dickel TABASCO Brand Barrel Finish. The company says, “The result is a deliciously spicy shot, which recently won a Gold Medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.”

How is Tabasco Sauce Made?

Wondering how Tabasco sauce is made? This short video will tell you everything you need to know about one of the world’s favorite hot sauces.

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“George Dickel Tennessee Whisky and TABASCO are two of the most iconic brands the South has to offer for a reason – the craftsmanship that goes into creating these products is the real deal,” said Jeff Parrott, Director of American Whisk(e)y Development at Diageo. “Both brands have such a rich history, and we’re proud to collaborate with our friends at McIlhenny Company to marry their unique flavor with our quality Tennessee whisky.”

Who’s the Target Audience?

Parent company Diageo’s marketing has a specific audience in mind for this product. The marketing materials won’t likely resonate with hardcore whisky fans that believe any flavored whisky is bad whisky but, the fans of things like Fireball may just find a new spicier whisky to sip on.

Great for “A Shot with Pickle Juice”

The marketing materials say, “With summer right around the corner, the release of George Dickel TABASCO Brand Barrel Finish signals the return of longer days, livelier nights and good times. For consumers looking for the perfect mix of fun and flavor, it can be enjoyed as a shot with celery salt on the rim, or with pickle juice or an ice chaser.  Whether enjoyed at your local barbeque spot or backyard party, a shot of Hot Dickel provides a peppery kick, but goes down with a smooth finish.”

George Dickel TABASCO Brand Barrel Finish Whisky has a suggested retail price of $24.99 for a 750 mL bottle and is also available in 50 mL and 1L sizes. The alcohol by volume is 35% (70 proof). It’s expected to arrive on store shelves in May.

George Dickel TABASCO Brand Barrel Finish Whisky

Cascade Hollow Distillery - George Dickel TABASCO Barrel Finish Whisky Bottle
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