Kentucky Distillers' Association - Drink Responsibly

When consumed responsibly and in moderation distilled spirits can be a source of pleasure and a positive experience for many.  However, when consumed irresponsibly, it can have negative or even devastating consequences. The Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) and its members want to play an active role in protecting the safety of their patrons and the well-being of their community’s by reducing irresponsible consumption, underage drinking and drunk driving.

As a part of the association’s commitment to responsible consumption, they recently named Ali Edelstein as the group’s first-ever Director of Social Responsibility. Today, the KDA released its first public service announcement video to highlight the importance of responsible consumption and safe rides along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® experience.

The video campaign theme asks,

Question: “How do Kentuckians enjoy their Bourbon?”
Answer: “Responsibly.”

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The spot, produced by videographer Edward Heavrin, seeks to break misconceptions about alcohol responsibility as a set of rules and expectations and display it as an essential element of Kentucky’s Bourbon and distilled spirits culture.

KDA President Eric Gregory said, “Responsible, moderate consumption is a hallmark of our signature industry. When guests visit, we want them to experience that firsthand and realize that Kentucky Bourbon – and any of our fine spirits – are best sipped and paired with safe rides and hydration.”

“We believe there is significant opportunity to educate and raise awareness with visitors along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour.  KDA members are working together to do just that and enhance the visitor experience,” said Rob Frederick, Brown-Forman’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Chair of the KDA’s Social Responsibility Committee.

The video is the first in a series of public service announcements intended to raise awareness of KDA’s four alcohol responsibility pillars: responsible consumption, safe rides, underage access to alcohol, and respect for non-drinkers.

Kentucky Distillers' Association - Drink Responsibly
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