Hard Truth Distilling - First Release of Limited Edition 2 Year Old Barreld Aged Rum

The Big Woods story started in a small 800 square foot restaurant and brewery back in 2009. Once they opened up their brewstillery doors for business in Nashville, Indiana something strange kept happening. They would quickly sell out of every drop of beer they made every weekend. They were clearly on to something. Over the years they expanded their brewery, started a second restaurant and beginning in 2015 they took their old brewery equipment and with a few modifications starting distilling craft spirits under the Hard Truth Distilling Co. name. They had a built in audience at their restaurants and bars to try different things and create some fantastic homegrown cocktails.

Similar to their brewing roots, they soon outgrew their original equipment and expanded. They didn’t expand just a little, no, they took their big wood(s) bat and took a big swing by upgrading their distillery location to 325 acres and built a massive 40,000 square foot restaurant and distillery. A distillery that put them on the Distillery Trail as the largest craft spirit distillery in the state.

Launch of Hard Truth Single Barrel 2 Year Old Aged Rum

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They’ve been making clear spirits like vodka, a cinnamon vodka, gin and a white rum for about four years now. But, wisely, just over two years ago as they got their distillery legs under them they took 12 barrels of some of their early rum and put it into barrels and set it aside until it was ready for bottling.

This Hard Truth rum was made with a mash bill that is 50% molasses and 50% raw cane sugar. Once it was cooked it was fermented for a full seven days before distillation on their original (now retired) 40 gallon pot still. The rum was then barreled at 120 proof in what is typically a bourbon barrel. They used new full size 53 gallon barrels made of White American Oak made by Kelvin Cooperage. The barrels were toasted and then charred over a wood fired flame to a No 2 and a No 5 char. Their patience has paid off and now, after two years in the barrel the result is a dark rum with an amber color and taste that rivals many similarly aged bourbons.

Hard Truth Aged Rum Tasting Notes

Here are the tasting notes provided by Head Distiller and General Manager Bryan Smith and Lead Distiller Cole Smith

Hard Truth Distilling - General Manager and Head Distiller Bryan Smith and Lead Distiller Cole Smith
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Head Distiller Bryan Smith and Lead Distiller Cole Smith (L to R.)

Tasting Notes – Rich oak, smooth caramel and vanilla notes, and sweet rum finish. Perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.
Proof – The first single barrel release had a final proof of 82° but as a single barrel future release proofs may vary. Subsequent releases have been slightly higher at 83°. Smith says, “Each barrel of Hard Truth Aged Rum will be evaluated and proof determined by the distillers based on optimal expression unique to each barrel.”

The new limited release Hard Truth Single Barrel Aged Rum is bottled at 82 proof (41% ABV) and has a suggested retail price of $39.95 for a 750 ml bottle. The Hard Truth Aged Rum is available now at the Hard Truth Distilling and the Big Woods Restaurants throughout Indiana.

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Hard Truth Single Barrel 2 Year Old Aged Rum

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