Klevin Cooperage - Maker's of Wooden Barrels for the spirits and wine industries has been acquired by Charlois Group's OAK NATION

Kelvin Cooperage makers of high-end bourbon barrels and importers and exporters of used spirits barrels has been acquired by Oak Nation, a subsidiary of the Charlois Group.

The Charlois Group has announced the signing of a binding agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Kelvin Cooperage in the United States. Founded in Scotland in 1963, Kelvin Cooperage moved its operations to LouisvilleKentucky in 1991 to be in the heart of Bourbon Country and in close proximity to the finest American white-oak forests.

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“I am delighted to welcome Kelvin Cooperage to our group of companies, as we share many commonalities and standards”, said Sylvain Charlois.

Kelvin Cooperage - 1103 Outer Loop, Louisville, Kentucky 40219
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Paul McLaughlin, President of Kelvin Cooperage, will continue to lead the cooperage, benefiting from the expertise and support of the Charlois Group.

“My brother, Kevin, and I have known and admired Sylvain Charlois and his team for several years,” Kelvin Cooperage President Paul McLaughlin. “I know that we share the same commitment to the authenticity of our craftsmanship, the excellence of our team and the quality of our barrels. We also share a common family history between our two groups. Together, we will continue to develop a traditional bourbon cooperage to provide exceptional products to our clients.” Kevin McLaughlin passed away from a battle with cancer in December 2019.

Kelvin Cooperage - Brothers Paul and Kevin McLaughlin
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Brothers Paul and Kevin McLaughlin.

Kelvin Cooperage is highly regarded among top bourbon distilleries for the quality of its wood and craftsmanship, as well as its mastery of traditional wood-fire toasting and charring methods. It also possesses strong expertise in the selection of used bourbon barrels, which are reconditioned and repaired for distilleries worldwide.

“This acquisition represents a significant milestone for our operations in the United States and strengthens our positioning in the thriving market of premium spirits. After involving some of our historic cooperages in the production of high-end bourbon barrels and incorporating the expertise of Oakwood Cooperage in Scotland regarding the selection and refurbishment of used casks, we are excited to collaborate with the talented and well-respected team at Kelvin Cooperage,” stated Vincent Garry, US General Manager of the Charlois Group.

Financial details of the sale were not disclosed.

The Charlois Group originated in the middle of the 17th century in the Bertranges forest with Jacques Charlois, a stave-wood splitter. Since it was created by Sylvain Charlois in 2005, the group has expanded into various complementary activities related to oak and the forest. Its expertise is developed through the following three main divisions.

  1. OAK GENERATION is dedicated to the village of Murlin, the birthplace of the Charlois family, and is devoted to art and culture, as well as the enhancement of heritage, agriculture and agroforestry.
  2. OAK COLLECTION integrates forest ownership and promotion, unique wooden construction, cosmetics and hospitality.
  3. OAK NATION, as a key player in the world of prestigious cooperages, brings together all the professions upstream and downstream of barrel production, such as forestry, sawmilling, stave production and seasoning, large cask making, valorization and recycling of used oak barrels, production of oak products for winemaking, transportation & logistics and engineering. OAK NATION also incorporates a specialized laboratory in agri-food industries and a Research and Innovation department. OAK NATION unites 35 subsidiaries in France, Spain, Romania, the United States, and Scotland, with 6,000 customers spread across 50 countries. Through traditional manufacturing techniques and rigorous wood selection, OAK NATION offers custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of high-end wineries and distilleries.

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