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Ever since 2019 when J.W. ‘Wally’ Dant III announced Log Still Distillery was to be built in Gethsemane, Nelson CountyKentucky this startup has done things a bit differently. Log Still announced their first release, Monk’s Road Fifth District Series back in 2021. The initial trio of releases included a single barrel six-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a dry gin and a barrel finished gin.

This month, the distillery is doing something practically unheard of by a Kentucky distillery, it’s releasing a Tennessee whiskey! Is this even allowed?

Log Still’s new Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey, named after a long-forgotten Southern game of chance, will include two releases.

What is the Game of ‘Rattle & Snap’?

Rattle and Snap is said to be a game of chance played with beans dating back to Colonial America. Participants would take large, numbered beans, rattle them in their hands and throw them on the ground with snap of their fingers.

“Rattle & Snap is a whiskey for those who make their own luck,” said Log Still Distillery Founder Wally Dant III. “Our distillery was built on historic distillery grounds. It was risky to go into this business back then. As our own distillery continues to grow, we draw inspiration from those previous distillers, the original risk-takers, every day. And we’re happy to introduce this Tennessee whiskey (with Kentucky flair) to risk-takers everywhere.”

Rattle & Snap 4-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey

The distillery says Rattle & Snap 4-Year-Old Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey is a classic sour mash Tennessee whiskey aged to perfection over four years. Tasting notes say it offers notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and spice to come to fruition for a long-lasting, sweet finish. This expression is bottled at 94 proof (47% ABV) and is offered with a suggested retail price of $37.99.

Rattle & Snap 8-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey

Rattle & Snap 8-Year-Old Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey is a strong but well-balanced from start to finish Tennessee whiskey with notes of sweet maple, banana, and a little kick of cinnamon spice. This expression is bottled at 94 proof (47% ABV) and is offered with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

Rattle & Snap 4-Year-Old and 8 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey will be available at the distillery and select retailers in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Log Still Distillery is bringing bourbon back to Gethsemane. Guided by Wally Dant and cousins Lynne Dant and Charles Dant, Log Still is re-built on old family distillery land and reimagined to create a unique bourbon and family destination. Each bottle is filled with respect while honoring the history of bourbon at “old” DSP-KY-47.

And finally, to answer the question, ‘Can a Kentucky distillery launch a Tennessee whiskey?’ Yes, it’s not something you hear about every day but it’s perfectly fine.

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Source: Rattle & Snap game via Kibin.

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