Still Austin Whiskey Co. - Celebrating the 1,000 Barrel of Whiskey - July 20, 2018

Still Austin Whiskey Co. distillery in Austin, Texas, opened on September 23, 2017. Since then, they’ve been busy milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling and bottling their own craft spirits. As of Friday, July 20, 2018 Austin’s first grain-to-glass urban whiskey distillery has filled their 1,000th whiskey barrel.

This relatively young distillery is 100% grain-to-glass distillery and handles all milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, barreling and bottling in house. Through their relationships with Texas farmers, Still Austin Whiskey Co. utilizes local grains, limestone-filtered water, and the Texas climate to make bold whiskey expressions unique to Austin.

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All the while they’ve been barreling, they’ve also been offering new make whiskey to customers. Their three unaged whiskies include the Signature New Make whiskey, Mother Pepper, a spicy rendition featuring local peppers, and Daydreamer, a citrus infused whiskey. In June, they released their newest spirit a first-of-its-kind Texas Rye Gin.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. - Copper Pot Still Named Queen Elizabeth
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Still Austin Whiskey’s copper pot still named Queen Elizabeth.

The 1,000th barrel marks a considerable milestone for the distillery. “We could not have accomplished this much so quickly without our talented team led by John Schrepel, the support from our local farmers, and the Austin community,” stated Andrew Braunberg, Co-founder and General Manager of Production.

Still hopes to release the first of its aged products, a Rye Bourbon, in the upcoming months.

All Still Austin Whiskey Co. spirits are made by hand in Austin, Texas from grains provided by Texas farmers. Still Austin Whiskey Co. is committed to creating Texas expressions of American Craft Whiskey; by making spirits from scratch. Spirits are sold and served in their tasting room and are available in bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

Say, “Hello” to Nancy below, Still Austin Whiskey’s 42′ tall stainless steel continuous column still made in Scotland by Forsyths Distillation Equipment.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. - Forsyths 42 Foot Tall Column Still Named Nancy
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