Luca Mariano Distillery - Hires Master Distiller David Phillips

Luca Mariano Distillery, a startup distillery in Danville, Kentucky, has been contract distilling whiskey since 2016. The company has announced that it has hired bourbon industry veteran David Phillips to be its new Master Distiller as it prepares to break ground on its new 500+ acre distillery.  

Master Distiller David Phillips will oversee all operations of the distillery from its construction through its completion and startup. A groundbreaking on the new craft distillery is planned to take place right after it harvests its soybeans on The Viola Farm in Danville, Kentucky.

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Phillips has 18 years of experience within the industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and pedigree with him. He previously led operations at two of Kentucky’s largest bourbon distilleries including Jim Beam Distillery and Bulleit Bourbon Distillery.

At Jim Beam, David was involved in operations at both Jim Beam’s Clermont and Booker Noe distilleries where he was trained by and worked with Master Distillers Jerry Dalton and Fred Noe as well as with his mentor Larry Walker. Upon leaving Jim Beam for Bulleit Distillery, David was Team Lead for Bulleit and led all distilling and dry house operations overseeing several major process improvements.

“I personally researched with our Human Resources Department each Bourbon Distiller in Kentucky,” said Francesco S. Viola, Founder & CEO. “We approached David Phillips. Funny enough David reached out to us in 2020 we found out later. It’s a match made in heaven. I feel David is the best master distiller in the industry.”

Luca Mariano Distillery construction plans call for building a fully-functioning distillery, visitor’s center, multiple rickhouses, and, an entertainment pavilion. Luca Mariano Distillery features premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys.

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