Maker's Mark Distillery - Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series FAE-02, Fall 2021, 109.1 Cask Strength

Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky has announced the release of its second Wood Finishing series of Maker’s for 2021. The fall release called FAE-O2 follows the spring release of FAE-01. This is the fourth release in the series that started in 2019. Every batch of the Wood Finishing series starts with fully matured cask strength Maker’s Mark that is aged their standard 5 to 7 years and then it’s ‘finished’ with staves placed inside the barrel for an additional nine weeks or so. Those nine weeks are spent inside the chilly 55 degree whiskey cellar on the grounds of the distillery.

Is Fatty Acid Esters a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

The two 2021 releases both lead with ‘Fatty Acid Esters’. Just sound tasty doesn’t it? Well, don’t let the name fool you. FAE stands for Fatty Acid Esters (pronounced S-turs), which Director of Innovation Jane Bowie says gives Maker’s Mark its rich and creamy texture.

A year of wood-science research done with Independent Stave Company went into developing the FAE-02 finishing staves. This release uses French Oak staves that are double heat-treated – first with infrared and then a flame finish on one side. The other side is left raw. These staves create a rich, oaky bourbon.

Maker’s Mark has never chill-filtered its whisky, a decision that allows the classic bourbon to retain its signature character and depth of flavor by leaving naturally present fatty acid esters (FAEs) in the whisky. Both 2021 Limited Releases FAE-01 and FAE-02 amplify characteristics that stem from that choice – namely dark, woody notes and a rich, full-bodied texture.

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“Our first 2021 release was crafted to hit you in the face with big, bold aroma and flavor, just like standing in a barrel warehouse – wood, tobacco and spicy dried fruit,” says Jane Bowie, Director of Innovation at Maker’s Mark.

“With FAE-02, we wanted to explore the softer side of our 2021 taste vision by placing more of the focus on rich, consistent texture and tone that stems from fatty acid esters. Just like the things we find so comforting about artisanal butters, olive oils and creamy spreads, FAE-02 delivers a fattier, full-bodied, mature Maker’s Mark bourbon that makes for an ideal sip on a Fall evening.”

Bottled at 109.1-proof, the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 Limited Release: FAE-02 is rolling out now in limited quantities to retailers across the country, available while supplies last. The new bourbon will retail for a suggested price of $59.99.

Compare all 4 Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Releases

NameProofAromaTasteFinish10 Stave
FAE-02 (2021)109.1°Toasty, sweet oak with caramel and light brown sugarTexture forward with deep oak notes and spiceLong, balanced and consistent in texture and toneFrench Oak cooked with infrared heat on one side, raw on the other.
FAE-01 (2021)110.6°Heavy wood, dark fruit and tobaccoDeep and dried dark fruits, big midpalate with strong tobacco and barrel extractivesCreamy, lingering and roundAmerican oak cooked with infrared heat on one side while the other side is left raw.
SE4 & PR5 (2020)110.8°Heavy vanilla with spiced caramelPecan ice cream, vanilla with creamy butter notes, dry spice and caramelized sweetnessLong, round and dryVirgin toasted American & French Oak staves.
RC6 (2019)108.2°Fruit and sweetness.Barrel finished for amplified notes of bright fruit, balancing sweet & spiceVibrant and bright with spice and sweetness perfectly balanced for a lingering, light finish.Virgin toasted American oak staves

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