Trail Distilling - Train Distilling Enters the Ready to Drink Market with Trail Gin & Tonic

Trail Distilling in Oregon City, Oregon is known for many firsts. They were the first legal distillery in the first U.S. city incorporated west of the Mississippi since Prohibition. Now, this Pacific Northwest distillery founded by husband and wife team Sara and Jerry Brennan have announced their first Ready-to-Drink (RTD) cocktail. They’ve been serving a version of this in their cocktail bar for some time and now, it’s ready to go.

Trail Gin & Tonic is a cocktail collaboration with Bradley’s Tonic Company. Trail Distilling has recreated the in-house favorite featuring the low-sugar craft tonic Kina by Bradely’s Tonic Company, refreshing soda water, pure cane sugar, and Trail Distilling’s internationally award-winning Trillium Gin.

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“We were so excited to work with Bradley’s Tonic to create a tasting room favorite,” said Trail Distilling Co-Founder Sara Brennan. “The ready-to-drink market is filled with great craft cocktails, but we believe that our Trail Gin & Tonic truly captures the Pacific Northwest flavors, for a unique cocktail experience. We take pride in our dedication to quality ingredients while creating a fun, approachable RTD cocktail.”

This new ready to go cocktail is canned at 30 proof (15% ABV). Sara says Trail Gin & Tonic sets itself apart from other ready-to-drink cocktails by showcasing the nuances and elegance of the Trillium Gin rather than sugar-forward additives and artificial ingredients. Harnessing the unique flavor profile of the Pacific Northwest-inspired Trillium Gin, the easily approachable cocktail offers a layered RTD for craft cocktail connoisseurs as well as an easily approachable quality for those simply looking for a well-crafted libation.

Completing the layered RTD, Trail Distilling kept their commitment to highlighting the flavors of the Pacific Northwest by choosing the Kina tonic from Bradley’s Tonic Company. The tonic is crafted using zesty orange oil and real cinchona bark. By using real cinchona bark, Bradley’s is able to develop a classic not too bitter flavor profile, bold spices, and citrusy flavors that make this tonic one of a kind.

The 200ml can displays the iconic majesty of Oregon’s Mt. Hood resting under the blossoming Trillium flower. With a color palette of rich forest green, crisp white, and bold black, the can itself showcases the local influences that inspired the vision of Trail Gin & Tonic.

Four-packs of Trail Gin & Tonic are currently available in Oregon liquor stores and in Trail Distilling’s Oregon City tasting room. Trail Distilling is a veteran and woman-owned small business.

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