Rabbit Hole Distillery - London Dry Gin Aged in Used Rye Barrels

As Rabbit Hole Distilling goes hippity hoppity down the bunny trail they are expanding beyond their whiskey roots with a new Juniper Series. The company has announced the release of a new London Dry Gin distilled in England but finished in Kentucky. And to help tie those roots together, this gin is aged in Rabbit Hole’s very own used rye whiskey barrels.

Rabbit Hole Distillery - London Dry Gin. Fingerprint Series
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London Dry Gin. Fingerprint Series.

The new London Dry Gin small batch release is part of their Fingerprint series where they showcase the art of finishing and blending sourced spirits. Rather than bury the fact that this is a sourced product in the fine print, they celebrate it with a literal fingerprint on the label.

The company says that while Bourbon is Rabbit Hole’s core, the brand sought new ways to incorporate Kentucky tradition into its spirits. The London Dry Gin delivers an amazingly robust and flavorful gin that still pays homage to Louisville’s heritage soul with Rabbit Hole’s own Kentucky Rye barrels.  Progression and deviation are at the forefront of Rabbit Hole’s master plan, and the London Dry Gin epitomizes Founder & Maker Kaveh Zamanian’s philosophy of being different, while respecting customs.

Rabbit Hole Distillery - London Dry Gin. Aged in Kentucky Rye Barrels
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London Dry Gin. Aged in Kentucky Rye Barrels.

Zamanian  says the juniper is uncharacteristically soft, with floral waves of geranium and rosewater. Imported from England, it’s the only gin on the market aged in #3, wood-fired Kelvin Cooperage Kentucky Rye barrels, resulting in a beautiful light amber spirit layered with white pepper and coriander. The juice boasts faint touches of wood, beginning with licorice, lemongrass and fennel notes and finishing with citrus.

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The rollout of Rabbit Hole’s Kentucky Rye Barrel Finish London Dry Gin begins in Kentucky, and is available for on premise sales only at bars and restaurants, and select retail locations.  Distribution in Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio will follow.

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Rabbit Hole Distilling’s new distillery is under construction and is expected to be operational in 2018.

Rabbit Hole Distilling - Under Construction
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Rabbit Hole’s Kentucky Rye Barrel Finish London Dry Gin

Rabbit Hole Distillery - London Dry Gin Bottle
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