Rogue Ales & Spirits - Helping Hand Hand Sanitizer

As the nations need for hand sanitizer continues in high demand distillers across the country continue to step up to fill the need in new and creative ways. Rogue Ales & Spirits in Newport, Oregon has partnered with Columbia Distributing to use beer to make additional batches of hand sanitizer for first responders and those in need in the Pacific Northwest.

“Hand sanitizer is in high-demand these days and we want to do whatever we can to keep those fighting this pandemic safe,” adds Dharma Tamm, Rogue President. “In order to make hand sanitizer, you need alcohol and a still. We have access to both but can get even more alcohol by working with Columbia, our distributor partner, who has generously donated beer for us to distill into hand sanitizer. This partnership will allow us to produce even more hand sanitizer for the many people who need it right now.”

Unlike distilled spirits which generally get better with age beer does not. Beer has a shelf life of anywhere from one to nine months depending upon which type of beer is in the bottle or can. As you inspect a beer label you’ll usually find a ‘best before’ date. You will not find that on a distilled spirits label.

“We have access to a large supply of alcohol and wanted to find a way to do our part during this difficult time,” said Columbia Distributing’s Mike Specht, Senior VP of Sales for Oregon and California. “Working with Rogue to make hand sanitizer was a natural way for us to help during this crisis. ‘Helping Hand’ Hand Sanitizer will help keep many people safe including the first responders who are fighting this pandemic on the front lines, our team who is busy delivering and stocking grocery store shelves, and consumers who want to avoid further spreading this virus. This is a win-win for everyone because we are able to turn excess beer into a life-saving product that is widely needed right now.”

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Rogue Ales & Spirits - Helping Hand Hand Sanitizer
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Rogue and Columbia’s ‘Helping Hand Hand Sanitizer’ is made under CDC and WHO guidelines by distilling donated beer and adding 80% ethanol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water.

Rogue Ales & Spirits was founded in Oregon in 1988 as one of America’s first microbreweries. Rogue Spirits are hand-distilled on a 550-gallon still in Newport, Oregon. Rogue is available in all 50 states as well as 54 countries.

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Rogue Spirits - 500 Gallon Copper Pot Still from Vendome Copper & Brass Works
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Rogue Spirits – 500 Gallon Copper Pot Still from Vendome Copper & Brass Works.

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