Caskshare - The Big Lie Duo featuring Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

They say politics makes for strange bedfellows. The term originates from Act II, Scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The original line read, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” While most spirits companies steer clear of getting involved with politics one company is doubling down. Caskshare, a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) online spirits company has decided that politics and liquor go well together.

The company has launched not just one but two bottles of whiskey targeting those that are politically minded. They first dipped their toe into the political pond with the launch of a No. 10 inspired whiskey at the end of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s tenure. That cask strength blended scotch has been followed up with Not a Grain of Truth Bourbon in a nod to former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Is it politically, correct? Probably not but here is what they are offering.

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The Big Lie U.S. Edition Promises to ‘Make Bourbon Great Again’ with Not a Grain of Truth

As Caskshare enters the U.S. market it decided to grab some headlines with the launch of ‘The Big Lie, The Perfect Whiskey for the House’. They say this latest release is a “novel and unique bourbon, inspired by one of the most infamous political leaders of the last decade – Donald Trump.”

The Big Lie whiskies play with the idea that certain parts of the whisky industry can be shrouded in mystery such as details on the cask or the liquid itself, much like the world of global politics.

Caskshare says, “This limited-edition release bourbon will be from an undisclosed location, aged from an unknown amount of time, aged in ‘fake yews’ wood cask, mirroring the slapstick nature of Donald’s campaigns and tenure.”

The Big Lie Bourbon Tasting Notes

This bottle aims to make whiskey ‘Great Again’ and is in the ‘Big League’. On first inspection it has a straw color and there’s the whiff of ‘covfefe’, echoing summer nights by the Mexican border on the nose, followed by the gentle aroma of burgers and fries in the Oval Office. The Devil’s cut here is tremendous but there are no bad hombres to be found in this bottle. Positioned as a commemoration bottle, perfect for those looking for a strong drink after recently being fired or let go from their jobs.

Caskshare - The Big Lie U.S. Version, Bourbon Flavor Profile
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The Big Lie Bourbon Flavor Profile.

Location: Maybe Nambia
Proof: Cask Strength 115° (47.5% ABV)
Cask Type: The Fake Yews
Age: Young & Vibrant
Bottle Number: No. 1 of Course
Master Distiller: Donald
Approved by: Bye Don
Price: £65 / $80 U.S.

Sorry losers and haters, but if this whiskey had an IQ it would be one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.

The Big Lie U.K. Edition – The Dishonest Blended Malt Whiskey

This dishonest blended malt whiskey was inspired by the former resident of No. 10 Downing Street. After a frankly scandalous year of politics in the UK, Caskshare released a tongue in cheek special blended malt whisky to mark the end of Boris’s tenure.

Approved by ‘Larry the Cat’, arguably the longest standing feature of No. 10 in recent years, the whisky is from an unknown location, aged for an unknown amount of time, mirroring the ambiguity of Boris’s time in office. Playing with the idea that certain parts of the whisky industry can also be shrouded in mystery, the brand has decided to celebrate the unknown of both worlds, whisky and politics, in this limited-edition release.

The Big Lie Blended Malt Whiskey Tasting Notes

This whisky is positioned as an occasion bottle, perfect for work parties or weekend drinks. It may have an abundantly fruity nose that opens with big whiff waff of a summer work party. There’s champagne cocktails, cheese, and red wine towards the end. With water there’s old sauternes, orange oils, Chesterfield leather and after a dram here’s no one who can prevent you from sneaking down to tidy up the edges of that hunk of cheese at the back of the fridge to complement this whisky.

Caskshare - The Big Lie UK Version, Blended Scotch Malt Whiskey Flavor Profile
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The Big Lie Blended Scotch Malt Whiskey Flavor Profile.

Location: Maybe Up North Maybe Down South
Proof: Cask Strength 114° (57% ABV)
Cask Type: Perhaps The Fortingall Yew
Age: Umpteen Years
Bottle Number: No. 1 of Course
Master Distiller: Boris
Approved by: Larry the Cat
Price: £55 / $66 U.S. launched in the UK in 2021 and is now entering the U.S. market. The online spirits retailer offers the unique anticipation that comes with the whiskey’s distilling and ageing processes, without the limitations of having to outlay and invest in a whole cask. Instead, whisky fans and newcomers can buy unique bottlings such as this novel, Big Lie release.

Place an order for The Big Lie U.S. or U.K whiskey at your own peril.

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