USA Today's 2019 '10 Best' Craft Spirits Brandy, Gin, Mixer, Rum, Specialty, Vodka & Whiskey Distilleries

USA Today’s list of 10 Best has come out with its 2019 Best of Craft Spirits Distillery list. The list was compiled by a group of spirits industry people that nominated 20 distilleries in the categories of brandy, gin, rum, specialty spirit, vodka and whiskey. The list was then narrowed down over a four week period to select the Top 10 based on popular vote from across the country.

As U.S. laws have changed over the last 10 plus years the number of craft spirits distilleries has grown rapidly. The most recent report from the American Craft Spirits Association says there were 1,835 craft spirits distilleries in the U.S. as of August of last year. If you’ve visited a liquor store lately you know that the distilled spirits section has grown immensely. Consumers have a wide, wide choice of spirits not only varying by spirit but by proof, age, grains, fruits, region and more.

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And now, let’s narrow the list down from 1,835 to the top 10 in each of the featured six categories. Click any name below to learn more about that distillery or click the state to see all the distilleries in that state.

The ’10 Best’ Craft Brandy Distilleries

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The ’10 Best’ Craft Gin Distilleries

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The ’10 Best’ Craft Rum Distilleries

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The ’10 Best’ Craft Specialty Spirit Distilleries

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The ’10 Best’ Craft Vodka Distilleries

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The ’10 Best’ Craft Whiskey Distilleries

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We recommend you print out this list and take it to your local liquor store and try a new craft spirit or three. Cheers!

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