Author: Dr. Pearse Lyons

Dr. Pearse Lyons, an Irish biochemist and entrepreneur, founded Alltech in 1980 with the mission to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation.

The Alcohol Textbook is a hands-on reference book for the beverage, fuel and industrial alcohol industries. It concentrates on processing technology, blending plant science, chemical engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, & chemical engineering with unit processing of alcohol from substrate selection & processing through fermentation to the purification of alcohol.

In its simplest form, alcohol production is the process of preparing starch- or sugar-containing raw materials for fermentation by yeast, which is currently the only microorganism used for converting sugar into alcohol. The ethanol is then concentrated and recovered in a process called distillation. Though essentially a simple process, making it happen with maximum efficiency on a very large scale is a remarkable combination of microbiology and engineering.
Over the past 25 years progress has been made in virtually all aspects of the process, but what are the challenges facing alcohol in the future?
Beginning with raw material processing, here are the areas that we feel need to be addressed:
• Raw material reception and processing
• The cooking process
• Yeast and fermentation
• Microbial contamination
• Recovery and utilization of co-products
• Education 

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