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Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services’ 2023 Gin Experience

17oct(oct 17)9:00 am20(oct 20)5:00 pmBrewing & Distilling Analytical Services’ 2023 Gin Experience

Speakers for this event

  • Gary Spedding, Ph.D.

    Gary Spedding, Ph.D.

    Owner of BDAS., LLC and BDES

    Gary, with a research degree in microbial biochemistry, numerous publications in respected journals and, having edited a major practical laboratory analytical workbook in the area dealing with protein synthesis, moved into brewing analytical chemistry in 1999. Since then he has taught Sensory evaluation, both on-site (in KY), and at client facilities, for over 20 years since learning the science behind sensory of beer at the Siebel Institute of Technology, where he was Manager and then, for a short while, Director of Laboratory Operations. After forming BDAS, LLC in 2002, he has continued to hone skills in testing beverages and understanding the origins, controls and descriptors of beer and spirits volatiles. He has prepared several published chapters and written both peer reviewed and general papers covering all aspects of the QC of alcoholic beverages. He has recently been appointed as lead science editor for the new Journal of Distilling Science.

    Owner of BDAS., LLC and BDES

  • Jamie Baxter

    Jamie Baxter

    Master Distiller

    Jamie graduated with a degree in Biology & after a few years as a beach bum has worked in the food & drink industry for most of his life. After selling his breakfast cereal company Jamie went to work with Tyrell’s Crisps’ founder Will Chase to build a muesli factory. After six weeks they decided to build a potato vodka distillery instead which was amongst the first smaller scale distilleries to be built in the UK for over a century. Within 6 months Chase Vodka was named best Vodka & won a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits awards. When Jamie left some four years later, he realized that there was no-one in UK with the same experience of setting up craft distilleries & so became a consultant to help people get started. Jamie has now built well over 45 distilleries – 5% – 10% of all the distilleries currently operating in the UK. He has also operated a small gin distillery which housed a gin school & produced several kinds of London Dry Gin. He is pictured holding a bottle of their Burleighs Gin. He masterfully conveys the history & development of gin, thus providing a better understanding of the foundation of recipe development. His courses in the UK are popular and always well attended and, with his many trips around the world assisting others in all walks of distilling life, we are happy to have him catch his breath and spend a few days with us each year.

    Master Distiller

  • Marcel Thompson

    Marcel Thompson

    Distiller and Author

    After we read Marcel’s excellent book on Gin Making – Still Magic (ReThink Press, 2019) we immediately invited him to hop aboard a plane and zip in from down under to join us in the second serving of Gin – in 2019. He graciously gave us another shot in 2022. Marcel, an award-winning gin maker since the 1980’s in New Zealand, presents a lively & unique approach to gin formulations dealing with the base players & the accompanying band members, leading to symphonic whole & resoundingly complete flavorful gins. Along with Jamie, Marcel brings a full international perspective to gin. He also presents webinars & hosts discussions with other leaders of the distilling world. We are delighted that he is coming back again in 2023. He will tell great stories about several classic successes involving New Zealand and Australian Gins and bring a few over with him – the last time with ants! And as ever Bloody Shiraz and gins made with olives! He even tried the Indlovu Elephant-foraged botanical gin! He will regale us with more marketing stories based on his latest book, Gin Ventures: A gin distillers guide to starting your craft spirits business.

    Distiller and Author

  • Molly Troupe

    Molly Troupe

    Master Distiller

    Molly Troupe earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Southern Oregon University & a Master’s degree in Brewing & Distilling from Heriot Watt University. After school, she left Scotland and returned to Oregon to put her distilling skills to use. She worked in Quality Control, as a Production Distiller, & eventually a Production Manager & Lead Distiller, before joining forces with Jill Kuehler as the Master Distiller for Freeland Spirits in 2017. In December 2017 they launched Freeland Gin, & subsequently released Freeland Bourbon, Freeland Geneva Gin, Freeland Gin & Rose Tonic, Freeland Dry Gin, & Freeland French 75. Molly’s strengths as a distiller lay with recipe development, quality control, & process development. Her skills as the youngest female Master Distiller in the United States have been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for Food and Beverage and The Manual. In her spare time, she serves on several industry boards geared towards elevating craft distilleries. She has also written several articles on gin & presents regularly at Distilling Society meetings. In addition to releasing award winning gins, Molly has gained accolades for making some really nice whiskies!

    Master Distiller

  • Sydney Jones

    Sydney Jones

    Master Distiller

    We were delighted to meet with the humble yet amazing Sydney Jones in 2021 where she was part of our Roundtable discussion on Gin at the American Craft Spirits Association Conference. She came highly recommended for that event by a former attendee of our Gin Course and himself an excellent distilling expert and a name behind some pretty famous gins. She accepted my offer to do some of the cocktail training in the Gin 2022 course as she is a superb mixologist. However, in view of some team Covid absences she stepped up to the plate and showed her skill at gin formulations and most other aspects of distilling too. She currently is working with Paul Hletko at the FEW Spirits in Illinois She will make us some pretty good cocktails and even drew me in to trying a particular cocktail that I did not think I liked much. It depends on the gin and the mixer and her formulation knowledge! I hope to learn more from her as I (Gary) had to miss most of the course this past May! Sydney will distill down her knowledge and expertise and educate just as well as she can make a superb cocktail and understand gin formulations. She will guide you to produce the right gin for your desired end goals.

    Master Distiller

  • Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson

    Master Distiller

    After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Columbia College, Tom continued his education in biochemistry & molecular biology, graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Tom long held a passion for home-brewing, which led into distilling of spirits & the founding of Pinckney Bend Distillery. As partner & Master Distiller, he has developed the distillation methods, aging techniques, & flavor profiles for all their award-winning spirits. He covers marketing, packaging of gin & gin cocktails & cask rested gin production. Moreover, he is our Master Gin mixologist. His gin and tonic and other carbonated gin cocktails are well received, especially on a hot day in Missouri. However, worth trying anywhere!

    Master Distiller

  • Tony Aiken

    Tony Aiken

    Sensory Journeyman at BDAS, LLC and BDES

    Tony, a computer programmer, has been involved in running the sensory evaluation program at BDAS, LLC since about 2006. He has written the code and implemented the software we use to both collect and analyse the data from our trained sensory panellists – primarily for beer assessments. This includes, full descriptive analysis, triangle and tetrad testing and more. Now we have sensory ballots and training programs for distilled spirits evaluations. Tony teaches with Gary, both on-site and around the Country – usually several gigs a year – and co-authored a Chapter on Sensory evaluation as a tool for beer quality assessment for the volume: Brewing Microbiology (Edited by Annie Hill) for Woodhead Publishing. He also teaches in our courses and has become a guru at pilot scale distillation and botanical preparation. These skills will be demonstrated in the gin and other courses offered here.

    Sensory Journeyman at BDAS, LLC and BDES

Event Details

Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services – BDAS is a triple TTB certified and premier testing facility for the analysis of beer, cider, wine and spirits. We are one of only a few labs and perhaps the only commercial Lab to hold all three certifications repeatedly and concurrently.

We also play host to some of the most in-depth seminars in the distilled spirits industry.

2023 Gin Experience

Now in its fourth year this event will surely sell out quickly. The BDAS 2023 Gin Experience is a program that has become well known worldwide and taught by five internationally recognized experts. The program will run October 2023 and the invite will be for more international attendees to apply four out of a maximum placement of 16 now assured.

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Full Brochure Now Available for Download here.

Section coverage in general will also include fuller discussions with the team and include coverage of such topics as: Gin production cost, a practical guide – Cost analysis of each gin production method: Distilled gin, Compounded gin, and Hybrid formulations using both distilled gin and compounded gin techniques. Commodity gin botanicals – consistency & qualities. Is it a sipping gin or a cocktail gin? Not all gins are made for the same purposes. The British, European & Australian/New Zealand gin scenes & global perspectives, will cover the establishment of gin distilleries outside the USA and how Gin has taken the UK, Europe & Australasia by storm.

Seminar/event attendee placement is on a first come, first served basis, and usually limited to 16-18 persons maximum.

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    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • Day 3
    • Day 4
    • october 17, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 1 - Introduction & Styles/Botanicals9:00am- 5:00pm
      Introduction to gin (Jenever/Geneva > Gin): • History - traditional styles - gin style evolution - sensory evaluations • TTB regulations - Compliance: the ifs, whats & whys! The GRAS list! • Current contemporary/regional specific styles From concept to commercialization • Gin bases - The triumvirate & building on that foundation • Gin botanicals: Sourcing ingredients, volatile profiles, assessment/evaluation & quality. Then on to - Bases and blending • Practicum: maceration & staging for distillation of a base formulation Sensory evaluation - your gin formulations & classic samples
    • october 18, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 2 - Production, Flavor, Practical Formulation & Gin Cuts9:00am- 5:00pm
      Production methods - pot still vs. column still - maceration vs. basket • vacuum distillation - hybrid methods. Practical runs: pot still & Rotovap In-depth flavor discussion - flavor psychology • Further recipe development • Flavor chemistry with practicum - making your own gin from selected botanical extracts - which formulations work best? Does it meet the Cocktail criteria? Flavor matching & blending – Gin and cocktail mixology. Cocktail discussion with sensory evaluation
    • october 19, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 3 - AM Introduction, Styles/Botanicals & Boundaries9:00am- 12:00pm
      Introduction to advanced gin making & scaling up • Beyond traditional styles • Further gin style evolution. labelling & presentation The boundaries of gin making - pairing & marrying volatiles • Single shot vs. multishot gins - with demo/examples • The gin symphony - expanding on the gin bases • A wider array of gin botanicals & non-botanical ingredients The gin fixative effect truth or myth? What do we really know?
    • 1:00pm DAY 3 - PM Production, Flavor, Formulation & Packaging1:00pm- 5:00pm
      Canned gin cocktails? • History & pitfalls. Larger scale discussion & the team’s experiences • Designing & building the distillery - emphasis Gin! • Further evaluation of formulations/botanicals > how many to use & how far can you go? • Sensory of more complex formulations
    • october 20, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 4 - Wood aged gins, Shelf-life, Marketing & Economics (Product Positioning, Distributors, Retail)9:00am- 5:00pm
      Barrel aged gin with practicum • Barrel aging gin – Why, in what, & for how long? • TTB style analysis - how does barrel aged gin fit in? • Barrel size & type, environmental factors, finishing in used wine barrels, with chips or staves • Sensory analysis of cask aged gins & cocktail suggestions Further detailed packaging discussion & marketing policies • Now you have made it can you sell it? Consistently? Carbonation issues & canned gin cocktails Gin oxidation chemistry, shelf-life issues, flavor maturation, recalls?


Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services

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17 (Tuesday) 9:00 am - 20 (Friday) 5:00 pm


Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services

1141 Red Mile Road, Suite 202, Lexington, Kentucky, 40504

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