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Castle & Key Distillery - Rise 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin

Castle & Key Distillery Announces 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin – Created with Rye Whiskey Mashbill

Castle & Key Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky has announced their latest seasonal release to emerge from the distillery.
Castle & Key Distillery - Slow Hands Kentucky Rye Whiskey Single Barrel Release

Castle & Key Distillery Releases ‘Slow Hands’, Their 1st Cask Strength Single Barrel Rye Whisky

One thing about young distilleries is there are no rules, no one size fits all,
Castle & Key Distillery - RESTORATION Kentucky Rye Whiskey

The Long Wait is Over: Castle & Key Distillery to Release ‘Restoration’ Kentucky Rye Whiskey

“What a long strange trip it’s been!” Back in May of 2014 investors Will Arvin
Castle & Key Distillery - Master Distiller Marianne (Barnes) Eaves

Master Distiller Marianne Eaves and Queen of Castle & Key Distillery has Announced Her Departure

Master Distiller extraordinaire and distilled spirits social media rock star Marianne Eaves has announced that
A Quartet of Women Chemical Engineers Take on the Bourbon Trail - Bourbon Women U of L Chemists

A Quartet of Women Chemical Engineers Take on the Bourbon Industry

There’s change in the air. When you think about historical photos of 1930s moonshiners and
Castle & Key Distillery - Ribbon Cutting, Will Arvin, Marianne Eaves, Wes Murry and KY Gov. Matt Bevin, Cover

Castle & Key Distillery Celebrates the Grand Opening of its $30 Million, 3 Million Proof Gallon, Distillery Destination [Video]

Should you start a distillery from scratch or renovate an existing distillery? That is the
Castle & Key Distillery - 5 Questions with Wes Murry, Will Arvin and Marianne Eaves

A Day on the Trail: 5 Questions with Castle & Key Distillery Partners Wes Murry, Will Arvin & Marianne Eaves [Video]

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes Castle & Key Distillery in Millville, Kentucky is rising
Castle & Key Distillery - Grand Opening September 19, 2018

The Long Wait is Over – Castle & Key Distillery Sets Date to Open its Doors to Public

Just like a fine bourbon, crafting a bourbon brand from scratch takes time. Crafting a
Castle & Key Distillery

Castle & Key Distillery: A Behind the Scenes Tour of this 129 Year Old Startup

A visit to the Old Taylor Distillery located along Glenns Creek in Millville, Kentucky is
Old Taylor Distillery Postcard - Cover

Castle & Key Distillery Rising from Ruins After Old Taylor Distillery Narrowly Escaped Wrecking Ball

100 years after Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. had the “Degree of Master of Hospitality” conferred


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