Castle & Key Distillery - Master Distiller Marianne (Barnes) Eaves

Master Distiller extraordinaire and distilled spirits social media rock star Marianne Eaves has announced that she is departing Castle & Key Distillery, the four year old Kentucky distillery that she not only helped to revive but put on the map for bourbon fans all over the world.

Marianne Eaves has been the voice and face of what has been and will always be referred to as the “Old Taylor Distillery” since the one time crown jewel of a distillery went from abandoned distillery and literal snake pit to distillery experience crown jewel.

Here are statements released by Eaves and distillery founders Wes Murry and Will Arvin.

My journey at Castle & Key started over 4 years ago, when I joined two proven businessmen in their vision of reviving what was the Historic Old Taylor Distillery. I am so grateful for that time and opportunity.

Today I announce, with mixed emotions, that I am departing the team.

After setting Castle & Key on track to become a world-class distillery, I will spring forward to new ventures and platforms in the bourbon world and beyond.
~ Master Distiller Marianne Eaves

Here’s the official statements about the news today from Castle & Key Distillery:

“Marianne’s impact at Castle & Key is far ranging, has many facets, and will extend well beyond her time with us. She will be greatly missed, but we wish her well and know she will be successful in every future venture. We have an amazing team that Marianne trained and mentored over the last four years. That team will continue to make the same high-quality spirits. While we’re sad to see Marianne go, we will use her departure as an opportunity to create something new. We look forward to sharing more plans for our team in the coming months.”
~ Wes Murry & Will Arvin, Founding Partners at Castle & Key Distillery

“Over the past four years I have been so proud of Castle & Key’s strong brand, portfolio of spirits and position as a historical bourbon tourism destination. This is in no small part due to the incredible team we have put in place since the beginning, and I have every confidence they will uphold my stringent quality standards. I am not turning my back on being a Master Distiller, but I am taking the time I need to bring some of my other goals I’ve set to fruition. My time at Castle & Key was a phenomenal experience, and I feel that I’ve left it in a place where the spirits can speak to my vision. Boldness is what got me to the position of Master Distiller, and it’s time for another bold step in my career to continue to make the impact I envision.”
~ Marianne Eaves, Master Distiller

Eaves says as she transitions into her new role as a consultant and ambassador for Kentucky’s finest spirit, she is well poised as a leader of the new generation of spirits professionals that will shape the industry. Her role in changing the dynamic in this predominantly male industry is clear. She is proud to be a leader and a face for the movement and rise of women in spirits.

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