Bardstown Bourbon Company - Partners with Western Spirits Beverage Company

We were at the Bardstown Bourbon Company the first week that bourbon starting flowing off the still September 2016. At the time, they let us know that they had already sold out all of their contract distillation time on the 1.5 million proof gallons per year column still that they had just fired up and they were already talking expansion. Company CEO David Mandell stated that the majority of the distillate coming off the still would go to their partners but they weren’t ready to share who any of those partners were or what their own brands would be. Fast forward four months later and the company is ready to share their expansion plans and the name of at least one of their partners names.

Doubling Distillation Capacity from 1.5 to 3 Million Proof Gallons

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Due to the success of its sold out Collaborative Distilling Program where they make bourbon for other brands, the company recently broke ground on an expansion project. The distilleries current 1.5 million gallon capacity will double to 3 million gallons, which will enable them to provide more capacity for current customers as well as take on new customers. When they designed their operation they built in room for expansion. They still have room to double capacity again from the new 3 million up to 6 million gallons, by adding additional equipment.

This Dog Can Hunt – Partnership with Makers of Bird Dog Whiskey, Calument and more

Western Spirits Beverage Company makers of Bird Dog Whiskey, Calumet Farm Bourbon, Lexington Bourbon, Sam Houston Whiskey, Tres Leches Liqueur and Whitetail Whiskey will soon moving all of its production to Bardstown Bourbon Company. Western Spirits Beverage is the first to publicly announce that it has joined Bardstown Bourbon’s Collaborative Distilling Program. The partners will begin their first distillation this month.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to partner with the great team at The Bardstown Bourbon Company,” said Tim Livesay, President of Western Spirits. “With their vision for a Napa Valley type experience, a state-of- the-art whiskey distillery and Steve Nally’s hall-of- fame bourbon making experience, we are enthusiastic about making The Bardstown Bourbon Company the home of Western Spirits’ bourbon portfolio.”

“Western Spirits has an exciting and growing portfolio of brands,“ said David Mandell. “We are eager to begin producing fantastic bourbon for Western Spirits Beverage Company.”

The Bardstown Bourbon Company plans to open its visitors and events center to the public by summer 2017.

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