Bardstown Bourbon Company - Is Now the 14th Member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Bardstown Bourbon Company founded in 2014 in Bardstown, Kentucky is the latest Kentucky Distillers’ Association member to join the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® experience, becoming the 14th destination on the world-famous journey that showcases the America’s Native spirit – Bourbon.

David Mandell, President and CEO of Bardstown Bourbon Company, said, “It’s an honor for us to join the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and stand shoulder to shoulder with Bourbon legends. We’ve built something here that celebrates the tradition they’ve built while offering a distinctly original experience for our guests.”

“Each Kentucky Bourbon Trail distillery offers a truly unique experience for our visitors,” said Kentucky Distillers’ Association President Eric Gregory. “These companies are investing millions of dollars to create something genuinely memorable for each guest, and Bardstown Bourbon Company’s experience is no exception.”

Distillery, Full-service Restaurant, Bar and Vintage Spirits

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As one of the newest distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Bardstown Bourbon Company is taking full advantage of changes that have occurred in Kentucky alcohol beverage laws over the last few years.

From day one, they’ve been first and foremost a distillery but they always had their eye on expanding into a complete experience for distillery tourists and locals looking for a great meal and good spirits.

Set on 100 acres of farmland in Bardstown the companies distillation operation lead by Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame legend Steve Nally has grown rapidly since the company was founded. A second 36-inch column still was installed in June, making the distillery one of the largest producers of bourbon whiskey in the country with a capacity of nearly seven million proof gallons per year.

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In addition to the distillery, this state-of-the-art facility is the recently opened Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar, a modern, full-service restaurant where guests can dine with a view of the working distillery through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Culinary offerings include comfort food, a variety of salads and farm fresh meats and cheeses.

The bar goes well beyond their own sprits offerings. It includes a craft cocktail program, a wine list featuring artisanal wine makers, craft beer on tap, and a vintage whiskey library curated by Bourbon author Fred Minnick. The selections include rare finds like an 1890s Cedar Brook whiskey and a pair of early 1900s Overholt Rye.

“Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar is an experience,” Mandell said. “We’ve created an inviting, fun, and approachable environment where people can enjoy an exceptional meal, great cocktails, and try a wide variety of brands from our unique whiskey collection. Bottle & Bond is truly designed to bring people together.”

The Bardstown, Nelson County Distillery Scene

As distilleries popup all around the state, this one of eight Kentucky Distillers’ Association member distilleries in the Bardstown area including the distilleries below.

Adam Johnson, Senior Director of the KDA’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail® program said BBCo’s modern spin and small-town charm greatly enhances the Bourbon visitor experience in the area and elevates the community’s culinary scene.

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Bardstown Bourbon Company – Bottle & Bond Bar Bottles

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