Buffalo Trace 2015 Antique Collection Data Points

Buffalo Trace Distillery has just announced its much anticipated release of their 2015 Antique Collection. The release notes offer lots of details into what makes this quintet so savory. Having 18 years of whiskey on hand is of course a pre-requisite, having 18+ years of distillery notes to share the journey from mash to barrel to bottle is what makes for great tales. This is a good reminder for craft distillers to keep good records. Distillers large and small have a million things on their to do list, keeping good records is imperative to their long term success. Repeat after me: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

The whiskeys are expected to be available in limited quantities starting in late September or early October. Suggested retail price is $80 each.

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Here’s a chart that shows a few data points for this year’s releases.

Buffalo Trace 2015 Antique Collection Whiskeys Data Points

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