Kentucky Owl Bourbon - Confiscated in 1916, Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

There are many paths to market when it comes to distilled spirits and especially bourbon. The Kentucky Owl Bourbon brand went dark just before the start of Prohibition. The brand was dead and gone for nearly 100 years until fifth generation Dixon Dedman resurrected C.M. Dedman’s original Kentucky Owl Bourbon in 2014. The sourced and blended brand quickly grew a cult-like following and was trading for 5x its retail price in no time. The old Kentucky brand had been dusted off and found new life.

That cult-like following gained notoriety and in January 2017 Stoli swooped in and purchased the brand for an undisclosed sum. Stoli planned on making Kentucky Owl Bourbon its bourbon whiskey anchor in the United States. Since then they’ve announced a $150 million Disney meets Bourbon theme park in Bardstown, Kentucky, the Bourbon Capital of the World. Construction on the Kentucky Owl Park project won’t start for another year or so but the bourbon making wheels are turning. They are already contract distilling with their own bourbon recipe at another Bardstown distillery.

Introduction of Confiscated Bourbon to Rollout to All 50 States

The Wiseman's Bourbon - Kentucky Owl Bourbon Whiskey
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Not wasting anytime on expanding the brand Kentucky Owl, The Wise Man’s Bourbon has announced the release of Confiscated, the latest batch of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from master blender Dixon Dedman. Only this time, the contracted and aged batch of bourbon is large enough to be rolled out to all 50 U.S. states.

The company says Kentucky Owl’s Confiscated Kentucky Straight Bourbon pays tribute to the barrels the government seized from Dixon’s great-great grandfather, C.M. Dedman, just ahead of Prohibition. Those barrels were never seen or tasted again. And to be clear, this release is not a part of any pre-Prohibition era whiskey.

“An important part of Kentucky Owl’s history is the seizure of all that inventory, which ultimately ended my family’s run in the bourbon business for the time being,” said Dixon. “Confiscated is a reminder of the opportunities lost and a celebration of C.M. Dedman’s legacy. I don’t believe in making whiskies to hide flavor and character, and this one will stand up neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.”

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Tasting Notes Provided by Kentucky Owl

Kentucky Owl Confiscated delivers notes of floral gardenia and honeysuckle, along with grape, red apple, orange cuties, wet banana bread and toasty sourdough bread crust on the nose. The taste is reminiscent of graham crackers, toffee, muted sweet cinnamon spice, and fresh-squeezed orange juice balanced with white grapes and finishing with a hint of cayenne.

Kentucky Owl Confiscated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made and bottled in Kentucky at 96.4° proof (48.2% ABV) with a suggested retail price of $124.99 for a 750mL bottle. Distribution will be available nationwide beginning in April 2019.

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Kentucky Owl Confiscated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Owl Bourbon - Confiscated in 1916, Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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