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Kentucky Owl Bourbon - Kentucky Owl Batch 9

Kentucky Owl Bourbon to Release Batch #9 a High Proof Blend Dixon Dedman Calls ‘A Bourbon Monster’

This small batch hard to find Kentucky Bourbon is coming out a bit more often
Kentucky Owl Bourbon - Confiscated in 1916, Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Can a Cult Bourbon Brand Go National? Kentucky Owl Thinks So with 50 State Rollout

There are many paths to market when it comes to distilled spirits and especially bourbon.
Kentucky Owl Park - Rendering of Distillery, Map and Train Station

Kentucky Owl Bourbon and Stoli Unveil 21st Century Design & 3D Rendering of its New Pyramid Shaped Distillery

When it comes to making bourbon, there are some strict guidelines that have to be
Kentucky Owl Bourbon - Kentucky Owl Park Breaks Ground

It’s Official: Stoli Breaks Ground on $150 Million Disney-like Distillery for Kentucky Owl Bourbon

In September we shared a somewhat cryptic story of a distillery that was attempting to
Kentucky Owl Bourbon Bottles

Is Kentucky Owl Bourbon About to Spread Its Wings to Build a $150 Million Distillery?

Is Bardstown, Kentucky, the “Bourbon Capital of the World” about to land another new distillery?
The Wiseman's Bourbon - Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Releases Batch #7, Expands Distribution from 1 to 7 States

The C.M. Dedman Kentucky Owl Bourbon Whiskey brand went the way of many distilleries and
Kentucky Owl Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Established 1879 - Old and New

Stoli Group Gets its Talons into the US Whiskey Market with Acquisition of Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Kentucky Owl Sour Mash Whiskey is one of those new old Kentucky bourbons. The brand


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