Distilled Spirits Council - 2021-2022 Craft Advisory Council Leadership

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United State – DISCUS is the leading voice and advocate for distilled spirits in the U.S. In 2010 the Association launched its Craft Membership program for the growing number of small distilled spirits producers who are interested in making their voice heard on public policy issues affecting distillers of all sizes.

Craft distillers have grown tremendously over the last 20 years to the point where there is at least one distillery in every state. There are now more than 2,000 craft distilleries throughout the country making a wide variety of spirits from vodka, gin and rum to aged whiskeys, brandies, cognac and other liqueurs.

The Associations craft members are led by the DISCUS Craft Advisory Council. As a leadership body, the Advisory Council coordinates communications with DISCUS’ standing committees and policy teams and engages with small producers in their respective regions on issues of critical importance to the craft spirits sector.

St. Augustine Distillery - Vendome Copper & Brass Works Stills
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St. Augustine Distillery.

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DISCUS Members Elect 2021-2022 Craft Advisory Council

St. Augustine Distillery - Co-Founder and CEO, Philip McDaniel
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St. Augustine Distillery Co-Founder and CEO, Philip McDaniel.

The Craft Advisory Council was created as a leadership council to represent craft distillers’ positions on key policy issues at the federal, state and local level, as well as to help guide DISCUS’ craft distiller-focused programming and benefits. Craft Advisory Council members are nominated by their peer DISCUS Craft Members, and the Craft Advisory Council votes on who will represent them as Chair for a two year term. The Chair also represents craft distillers on the DISCUS Board of Directors.

“DISCUS is proud to represent a growing membership of spirits producers of all sizes, including America’s fast-growing craft distillers,”said DISCUS President and CEO Chris Swonger. “More than 2000 craft distillers across the United States provide important contributions to their local economies, tourism, and job market, and DISCUS is delighted to welcome these craft distiller leaders to the Craft Advisory Council.”

New Liberty Distillery - Co-Founder and President Robert Cassell
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New Liberty Distillery Co-Founder and President Robert Cassell.

The Craft Advisory Council has elected Philip McDaniel, CEO and Co-Founder of St. Augustine Distillery, as Chair and Rob Cassell, President of New Liberty Distillery, as Vice Chair.

“St. Augustine Distillery is proud to be locally-owned and community-founded,” said incoming Craft Advisory Council Chair Philip McDaniel. “We are committed to innovation and making where we live better for future generations. We are honored to share what we’ve learned with the Craft Advisory Council and the broader DISCUS membership as we work together to shape the future of American distilling.”

New Liberty Distillery - Distillery
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New Liberty Distillery.

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The complete 2021-2022 DISCUS Craft Advisory Council membership is included below. This years craft council leaders include 19 craft distillers from 15 states. (Click any header to resort the list.)

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The rapidly growing number of craft distillers across the nation represent an important grassroots base for the spirits industry.

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