Two Times Oak - Dixon Deadman Announces 2XO

Dixon Dedman of Kentucky Owl fame has re-emerged with a new endeavor. Dedman known for his award-winning high-proof, robust bourbon and rye blends, announces his next creation, 2XO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

2XO (Two Times Oak) uses a unique blending practice where Dixon re-barrels his hand-selected aged whiskey into new charred oak barrels for intense wood notes and extraordinarily rich, complex flavors.

The 2XO Brand will consist of a series of small batch blends and a series of single barrel releases. Each small batch blend will be different, bearing a distinctive name and symbol inspired by Dedman’s passion to innovate, collaborate, and create high-quality liquids with unique characteristics and profiles.

‘The Phoenix Blend’ will be the 1st Release

“Launching 2XO is a dream come true. I had a vision to create something new in American Whiskey backed by the liquid in the bottle, synonymous with quality and the anticipation of the next blend,” commented Dedman. “I knew I needed to find the right fit, and I could not have found a better partner in Prestige Beverage Group to work alongside and turn this dream into a reality. They are passionate about whiskey and focused on accomplishing our shared goals. The Phoenix Blend is the first release, and it’s just the beginning.”

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The first small batch blend in the 2XO series, The Phoenix Blend, will be released in November of this year in select markets and at limited quantities. The Phoenix Blend will be followed by two new, small batch blend releases and single barrel releases in each consecutive year.

2XO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be brought to market through Prestige Beverage Group, an industry leading importer and brand innovator of award-winning wines and spirits. Together, Dixon Dedman and Prestige Beverage Group aim to offer the most unique, sought-after whiskey blends to spirits enthusiasts everywhere.

“We are so excited to be a part of bringing Dixon Dedmans’ next creation to market. The limited-edition small batch offerings will showcase Dixons’ unique approach to blending,” added Mike Morgan, President, Prestige Beverage Group.

Pricing is expected in the $100+ range.

Dixon Dedman is a master blender who has established himself as one of the most prolific American whiskey blenders in the industry. He grew up on the Kentucky whiskey trail infusing the learnings from industry legends with his culinary expertise from running his James Beard award winning Beaumont Inn, which has been in his family for over a century. Dixon is best known for his high-proof, robust Kentucky Owl Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskey blends, a brand he relaunched in 2014 from his great-great grandfather, C.M. Dedman, after it went dark in 1916 around the time of Prohibition.

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The Phoenix Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Two Times Oak - The Phoenix Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottle
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