Package Liquor Store Month - November

Companies are starting to tease us with their Black Friday ads and Christmas decorations fill the store aisles. That can only mean one thing, it’s time to start playing Christmas music in your local independent package liquor store. Well, maybe we can skip the music for now but, it does mean that the holiday buying season is upon us. A time when consumers flock to their local package goods store to pick up a bottle of something for friends, family, co-workers and of course themselves.

Locally Sourced, Locally Made, Locally Sold

For those in the craft spirits business it’s a time to celebrate the “Make” movement. A return to locally made spirits, distilled with locally sourced grains, sold through a local package store and sold to a local customer; your customer.

When consumers spend a dollar at a local business, it’s estimated that more than 64 percent is invested back into their community; more than double that of many chain stores. And small businesses account for more than 50 percent of all sales in the United States.

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Celebrate National Independent Package Liquor Store Month

Package Liquor Store Month - By the Numbers
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This November, American Beverage Licensees (ABL) and licensed beverage alcohol retailers nationwide have joined together to celebrate the 7th Annual Package Liquor Store Month.

During the month of November, which kicks off the busy holiday sales season for package stores, ABL is encouraging everyone to recognize the important and vital role that these small businesses play within their local communities. This month-long celebration highlights the hard work, accomplishments and contributions of independent package liquor store owners from across the United States.

By investing in off-premise beverage licenses, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, package liquor stores owners are “buying-in” to their states’ three-tier alcohol systems; agreeing to operate under licensing rules implemented by public officials; and committing to the responsible sale of alcoholic beverages.

Package store owners are leading by example when it comes to ensuring the proper sale of age-restricted products through specialized staff training; new product education and tastings; and by ensuring they remain accountable to industry regulators, while also helping to develop and shape industry-wide regulations and policies.

Across the country, off-premise beverage alcohol retailers also play an important and dynamic role within the greater economy – both at the state and federal levels – with an overall economic impact of $87.9 billion last year. These retailers further account for more than 531,000 jobs and $33.12 billion in wages and benefits (averaging $39,800 annually) – along with $6.22 billion in state taxes and $7.76 billion in federal taxes.

“Local, independently owned and operated off-premise retailers serve and invest in their communities,” said ABL President Warren Scheidt, the owner of 12 package liquor stores in central Indiana. “They are much more than just sellers of beer, wine and spirits – they also sponsor youth athletics organizations, support various civic endeavors, and tend to be on the frontlines of their communities after natural disasters and in other times of need.”

Some of the last independently-owned businesses on “Main Street,” beverage alcohol retailers also serve as the face of the industry within the framework of the three-tier system. These stores are where beverage brands are built and sustained by providing consumers with an education about beer, wine and spirits from trusted experts. This includes knowing where and how items are produced, as well as how best to enjoy and share them responsibly with friends and family.

By the Numbers

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    Off-Premise retailers are responsible for 551,000 jobs in the U.S.
  • Off-Premise retail jobs pay average of $39,800 in annual wages and benefits
  • Off-Premise retailers are responsible for $87.9 billion in direct economic activity
  • For every dollar spent at a local business, 64% of that is invested back into the local community
  • Small businesses account for more than 50% of all sales in the U.S.

“As consumers continue to embrace new products and enjoy established brands, independent package store owners create a marketplace that benefits the entire beverage alcohol industry and the millions of consumers that enjoy its products,” said John Bodnovich, ABL Executive Director. “Superior choice, great value and commitment to first-class customer service make for better informed and more responsible consumers of beverage alcohol.”

Shout out to independently owned Westport Whiskey and Wine for pointing this out to us. Cheers!

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