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PaQuí Tequila - Tequila Brand Creates Celebrity Reeducation Program

PaQuí Tequila Calls Out Clooney, The Rock, Jenner and Offers ‘Celebrity Spokesperson Reeducation Program’

It seems as though there is a new celebrity pitching their latest indulgence into the
Diageo Inroduces - The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

You Can’t Escape Bourbon Heritage Month without The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Just when you thought Bourbon Heritage Month was almost over the dead are pulling you
Bourbon Comes from Bardstown - Posters

Where Does Bourbon Come From? A New Award Winning Campaign Says ‘Bourbon Comes from Bardstown’

Kentucky may be home to 95% of the world’s bourbon but there’s only one Bourbon
Casey Jones Distillery - Bootlegger Hats, Casey Jones Spirits Baseball Player in Uniform

Casey Jones Distillery (moon)Shines in Minor League Baseball Park with Bootlegger Nights

Occasionally you make a marketing spend and it’s a swing and a miss while other
Treasury Wine Estates - Liquor Label Comes to Life with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Bottle Hits Liquor Store Shelves – Over 1 Million Downloads and Counting [Video]

Whoever said alcohol and technology don’t mix was wrong, very wrong. A new Smartphone application
Wild Turkey Distillery - Vintage Print Ad, Have your gifts delivered by a jolly, mythical figure in red

Give Someone the Bird this Season – The Tale of Wild Turkey Bourbon

Jimmy and Eddie Russell are household names in the bourbon business. Jimmy’s name is synonymous
Buffalo Trace Distillery - Colonel EH Taylor Old Fashioned Sour Mash Bourbon, Patent Pending

Buffalo Trace Distillery Granted “Patent Pending” Status for Sour Mash Process

Sweet Mash vs. Sour Mash vs. Old Fashioned Sour Mash Process You’ll often hear distiller’s
Casey Jones Disitillery - Total Eclipse Moonshine, Official Spirit of the Total Solar Eclipse

Totality is Coming: Casey Jones Distillery Offering Total Eclipse Moonshine

Mid-day total darkness will be crossing the continental United States for the first time in
Ethanology Distillation - 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle and Rubber Stamp

You Named Your Craft Spirits Distillery What¿

Well, not exactly “What” but you did notice the upside down question mark¿ Yup, that’s
Smirnoff Vodka - #LoveWins

Smirnoff Vodka Wants to Include All with #LoveWins Rainbow Bottles

SMIRNOFF™ Vodka has announced the launch of the new limited edition “Love Wins” bottle packaging


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