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Today, it’s hard to believe but not so long ago downtown Louisville, Kentucky had zero distillery experiences open to the public. Yes, it’s true, Main Street, aka Whiskey Row, had not distilled a drop of whiskey in more than 100 years. In 2013, that all changed when Heaven Hill Distillery opened the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. A few short years later, the city now has nine distillery experiences with one more on the way when Michter’s Distillery opens its distillery at the historic Fort Nelson building, a building that was so far decayed that it would have likely been demolished if not for Michter’s vision.

Add to that list the opening of the official starting point of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center at the Frazier History Museum in the area now known as The Bourbon District and you have the rebirth of foot traffic along Whiskey Row.

How Do You Transport All Those Downtown Bourbon Lovers?

With all those bourbon tourists comes a need to move them from distillery to distillery and not just in the summer but year round. Sean and Lisa Higgins, founders of Mint Julep Experiences have come up with the answer – three wheeled eco-friendly eTuk vehicles. The eTuks are small easy to maneuver vehicles ready for year round traffic with heated seats and vinyl sides for rainy weather.

Mint Julep Experiences is adding on to its existing fleet of 14 to 22 person vehicles with a fleet six passenger electric vehicles. The new line of business will be called Bourbon City Cruisers and will hit the streets in the Spring of 2019. Though the eTuks will make a lot of distillery stops, it’s not just for bourbon (gasp!), they’ll also visit the cities burgeoning culinary and entertainment destinations.

Sean Higgins said he’s been on a two year venture to find a safe, eco-friendly, affordable, fun transportation solution to tour downtown Louisville for all who wish to enjoy the Urban Bourbon Trail. Bourbon City Cruisers is the outcome of brainstorming with several distillery partners as well as Louisville Forward.

“You shouldn’t rush anything when enjoying Louisville,” said Higgins. “Good bourbon takes time and patience, that’s why we want to cruise! Our new Bourbon City Cruisers will allow guests to take a leisurely ride soaking in everything our city has to offer. We will be working with several local signature brands who are interested in customizing the look of our fleet so get ready to see some unique, one of a kind, head-turning cruisers from Portland to Butchertown to Nulu to Old Louisville, Broadway and Churchill Downs.”

Ricksaw Inspired 3 Wheeled eTuks

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e-Tuk USA first launched its line of street legal, rickshaw-inspired vehicles in 2015 in Denver, Co., Portland, Ore. And Napa Valley, Ca. Since they are street legal, no additional permitting is required. With a top speed of 25 mph, Bourbon City Cruisers will offer a relaxed and fun way to explore Kentucky’s finest attractions.

Since 2008, Mint Julep has been Kentucky’s leading bourbon tour operator with an array of experiences across the Bluegrass State. Booking for Bourbon City Cruisers will launch in early 2019.

Downtown Louisville Urban Bourbon (and Brandy) Distilleries

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Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
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Kentucky Peerless Distilling
Michter’s Distillery
Old Forester Distilling
Prohibition Craft Spirits Distillery
Rabbit Hole Distilling

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So Easy to Drive Even a Dog Could Do It

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