Buffalo Trace Distillery Build Your Own Bourbon

Did you ever dream of being a master distiller? Do you think you have what it takes? Do you have 2 to 23 years available to let your bourbon mature? If you said yes, to all these questions except you don’t want to wait 23 years then Buffalo Trace Distillery has designed a new interactive online tool that is right for you.

Warning: This tool is addictive, you may not get anything else done today as you play and dream. Oh, and there’s a catch. At the end of your journey, they just happen to recommend a Buffalo Trace product that is available today that will meet your exact (or as close as possible) design demands of grains, flavor, barrel charring, maturity and proof.

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“I hope people will really enjoy this fun and interactive experience, while learning how bourbon is made,” said Kris Comstock, bourbon marketing director. “It takes years to craft a great bourbon, but it only takes minutes to design your favorite online.”

This is also a great tool for sharing how the bourbon making process actually works. It takes a visitor through a step by step process from grain to bottle. Below are a few screen shots of what I built. Now jump over to the YourPerfectBourbon.com interactive tool and start your master distiller journey.

“I have never in my life seen a Kentuckian who didn’t have a gun, a pack of cards, and a jug of whiskey.” ~ Andrew Jackson

Step 1. Pick Your Grains – Must Contain 51% Corn to be Bourbon
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 1
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Step 2. Milling Your Grains
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 2 Mashing Grains
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Step 3. Cooking Your Grains
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 3 Cooking
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Step 4. Fermenting Takes 3-5 Days
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 4 Fermenting
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Step 5. Distilling
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 5 Distilling
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Step 6. Charring Your Barrel – Must Be a “New” Oak Container
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 6b Charring
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Step 7. Aging – Minimum of 2 Years for “Straight Bourbon”
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 8 Aging
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Step 8. Warehouse – Location in the Rackhouse Matters

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Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 7 warehousing
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Step 9. Proof – Minimum of 80 up to barrel proof (uncut.) Can Only Adjust Proof with Water.
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 9 Proof
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Step 10. Your Results – Colonel E.H. Taylor
Buffalo Trace Build Your Own Bourbon 10 Your Reccomendation
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Go visit YourPerfectBourbon.com to build your own!

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