Jack Daniel's Distillery - Truck Carrying $400k of Jack Daniels Overturns on I-24 on-ramp

Getting Tennessee whiskey to market is no easy task. It takes time to grow the corn, make the whiskey, and then year to age in warehouses before it’s finally ready to go to market for thirsty consumers. Unfortunately, there is one load of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey that won’t be making it to market this holiday season as the truck carrying the whiskey crashed and landed on its side.

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According to the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Police Department a semi-truck loaded with $400K worth of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey overturned after the load shifted as the driver was making a left turn onto the I-24 on-ramp.

Murfreesboro Police called in a heavy-duty 50 ton wrecker to right the overturned truck. Once the 18-wheeler was back on its wheels police report that several gallons of Tennessee whiskey was spilled onto the ground.

The good news in this tale is that the police report that the driver of the semi was not injured.

The load of whiskey was picked up in Lynchburg and was heading to Nashville to the railroad terminal to be shipped to Israel.

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