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Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services’ Mezcal & Tequila Course

Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services’ Mezcal & Tequila Course

01aug9:00 pm03(aug 3)5:00 pmBrewing & Distilling Analytical Services’ Mezcal & Tequila Course

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Ana G Valenzuela-Zapata

    Dr. Ana G Valenzuela-Zapata

    For over several decades Dr. Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata has established herself as a first-class researcher, taxonomist, educator, and science writer, covering all aspects of agave agronomy, and classification and of mezcal production. Since her doctoral degree days at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon Mexico, many outstanding publications – papers and books attest to her expertise and experience. From those research days in Mexico, to now teaching in Brussels, she established the educational project “Agave lessons and Mexican Gastronomy” which is now produced and animated by a Mexican scientist and a consultant in the spirit of agaves; the constructive methods are used as well as the interviews and courses in a podcast broadcast format. As the mezcal industry is run by many small family units and often by women – Dr. Valenzuela-Zapata has also advocated for the role of women in industry and science. She also deals with political issues regarding the production and marketing of mezcal and providing a better understanding of landraces of agaves, conservation efforts, sustainable practices in agriculture, food and industry, and the outreach potential and limitations of the current denomination of origin programs established for mezcal and tequila. Her credentials go far beyond this mere outline and make this second invitation to visit a not-to be-missed opportunity to learn from the best agave/mezcal expert. We initiated the plan for her to come to the US and teach here in Kentucky in 2022, and as a result it was a not to be missed opportunity by the Beam Institute team to also have her present a keynote at the distillers conference held the same week of our course offering.

  • Eng. Marco Cedano

    Eng. Marco Cedano

    Master Distiller

    Marco Cedano began a long and distinguished career in Tequila production as an engineer at Tres Magueyes, a company founded by Don Julio Gonzalez. After a brief spell there he moved into mining and engineering positions but returned to Don Julio in 1983 to work as an engineer. He was elevated there to Master Distiller and Distillery Manager of Tequila. In 1999, Cedano left the company after the Seagrams empire purchased it. The next 11 years saw his involvement in large-scale projects including the building of the first Agave Nectar factory and the first commercial Mezcal factory. 2010 saw the foundation of his first independent brand, Tequila Tromba, in partnership with Canadian and Australian entrepreneurs. Tequila Tromba has received great acclaim and awards. The Guinness Book of World Records has stated that Tequila Tromba holds the record for the world’s largest Tequila Tasting! Further to his credit Cedano has also written one on the most illustrative books on making tequila, presented now in an English translation which will be used in the course. In bringing each of his three Tequilas to the course in 2022 they were “confiscated” on the Mexican side – a testament to how good perhaps as we believe it was because the customs folks wanted to enjoy such goodness for themselves.

    Master Distiller

Event Details

Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services – BDAS is a triple TTB certified and premier testing facility for the analysis of beer, cider, wine and spirits. We are one of only a few labs and perhaps the only commercial Lab to hold all three certifications repeatedly and concurrently.

We also play host to some of the most in-depth seminars in the distilled spirits industry.

2023 Tequila & Mezcal Course

The course for distillers to learn about the vast Mezcal Family and all its classes-from agave to finished spirits with specific tequila production mastery. Learn more and register now.

First offered in March 2022, the course was run by Dr. Ana with Marco in attendance. The three Irish Whiskey Course Instructors were also present and Marco contributed much to the course, which prompted the request for more actual production details. So, now Dr. Ana will cover all matters Agave and the Mezcals and then, award winning Tequila master and tequila production book author, Marco will teach us how to make and market Tequila. And the limits of making agave syrup-based spirits if you are distilling outside of Mexico. Books from both these masters will be included in the course package.

The course will be taught by two leading expert instructors this round (biographically detailed on the next page) and includes three full days of instruction from 9.00AM until 5.00PM with a lunch provided each day. A cocktail tasting reception or training session may also be a feature of the course program. The team of instructors and staff from BDES will also be involved in teaching and preparation of the sensory materials used during the program. Full details of the course appear below.

Register Now

Full Brochure Now Available for Download here.

Course payments include all course materials, books, tastings, demonstrations, three lunches and a certificate of completion from BDES.

Reserve a spot by Feb 28th, 2023. Seminar/event attendee placement is on a first come, first served basis, and usually limited to 16 persons maximum.

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    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • Day 3
    • august 1, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 1 – Introduction, AGAVE & Styles9:00am- 5:00pm
      Agave, Taxonomy - History & Mezcal Styles 1. Introduction - Mexican agave distillates: production, markets, and Denominations of origin (DO’s) in Mexico (Intellectual property). 2. Mezcal: Complexity in Mexico as wines and distillates are to France. History, definitions, plant diversity and distribution, process and industrialization and laws. 3. Agave spirits origin and brief history - Agave spirits taxonomy: history and new entrants. Nationalism and tequila and the mezcal success. Pulque and Sotol will also be introduced in historical context and in comparison to the agave spirits. 4. Agave crops and production systems - Biological diversity and distribution. Historical shortages in agave production. Sustainable practices in agriculture and plant conservation.
    • august 2, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 2 – Production, Distillation, Packaging & Sensory9:00am- 5:00pm
      DAY 2 – Production, Distillation, Packaging & Sensory The Spirits and Their Evaluation 5. Mezcal products and Denomination of origin (DO’s) in Mexico. Laws, practices, process, and verification (certificates). The four steps in the agave distillates: hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation, and aging. Mezcal vs. Tequila. Mezcal as historical agave distillates: richness, complexity, and rules. Industrial Process, Ancestral and traditional products. NOM’s (official rules) for mezcal. Distinction signs from Oaxaca (pechuga, puntas and gusano). Other kind of mezcal: Bacanora and Raicilla. Sotol: following the mezcal process. 6. Tasting session focused on diversity. How to taste? Theory and practice. Taste and Sensory attributes/ballots. As professional and connoisseur: states, cultures, altitudes, species, cultivars and years. Aged products: barrels and glass. Tasting mezcal in a gastronomy context. 7. International market demand. Cocktails: Infamous or market interest? Tasting diversity: Oaxaca, Jalisco and SLP.
    • august 3, 2023
    • 9:00am DAY 3 – How to Produce Tequila9:00am- 5:00pm
      DAY 3 – How to Produce Tequila The Making of Tequila 8. Following on from days 1 and 2, the Manufacturing and Quality Control factors involved in Tequila production will be presented: Hydrolysis, Extraction, Yeast/Fermentation, Distillation, Aging/Maturation, Final Preparation and Bottling included. 9. The experience from the early tastings and sensory sessions will now allow for a quality evaluation of key tequila examples. 10. Important physical and chemical QC methods will also be introduced.


Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services

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1 (Tuesday) 9:00 pm - 3 (Thursday) 5:00 pm


Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services

1141 Red Mile Road, Suite 202, Lexington, Kentucky, 40504

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