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Moonshine University: Route to Market Workshop

Moonshine University: Route to Market Workshop

29augAll Day30Moonshine University: Route to Market Workshop

Speakers for this event

  • Robin Robinson

    Robin Robinson

    Founder/Principal at Robin Robinson, LLC

    Robin Robinson is a private consultant to the American craft spirits industry, where he helps small brands identify their unique narratives to penetrate and activate the marketplace; creates custom whiskey education for sales organizations; and puts on quite a whisky show. Prior to that, Robin was instrumental in helping to build the Compass Box Whisky Co. in the United States as its U.S. Brand Ambassador and Brand Manager, where he was responsible for sales, retail and consumer education, and developing multi-tiered relationships through field marketing events, including tastings, pairing dinners, seminars, festivals, and social networks.

    Founder/Principal at Robin Robinson, LLC

Event Details

Getting to the marketplace has always been a challenge for the small entrepreneur in any industry.  Stiff competition, dynamic pricing, global giants and product saturation are only some of the hurdles that are set for the small craft distiller in 2018. But the good news is this: this is the golden age of whiskey and spirits, at no other time in America’s history has there been so much demand for so many products from so many corners of the world.  And the better news is, there’s a space there for you if you are ready to face the challenge and get to work.

This panel of professionals from 3 different disciplines including

  • Branding
  • Distribution and
  • Sales/Marketing Strategy

will dig into some of the techniques, methodologies, mistakes and secrets they’ve uncovered in their years in the industry serving small brands like yours: how to maneuver against the big guys, how to maximize impact on a minimal budget and how to successfully carve out your part of the world on your terms.

Early Bird Special: Early Bird Registration covers your stay at our contracted hotel from Day 1 to the last day of class. The Early Bird deadline is 3 weeks before the first day of class.

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  • The Liquor Industry: an overview
    • Post-Prohibition, 3-tiered and complicated
    • Open markets and control markets
    • Texas and S. Carolina
  • Boil the ocean or fertilize the back yard: how far do I go and when will I know I’m there?
  • What distributors do…and don’t do
    • How to choose one
    • Care and feeding of one
    • Speaking their language
    • Nicolas: Pricing workshop
      • FOB – markup – margin – SRP
      • Pricing objections in marketplace
    • Carefully planning my product line
      • Utilizing specials, one-offs and limited editions
    • How to use line extensions effectively to gain market share
    • What does “resources” mean?
      • Time
      • Money
      • People
      • …and do I have enough?
    • How to pick personnel
      • What’s a brand ambassador and why do/don’t I need one
      • Sales v Marketing: stuck in the middle with you
    • My brand’s “narrative” as a competitive tool
      • A “story” is not enough
      • How to activate my narrative in the 3 tiers
      • Pricing as a competitive tool

Course Objectives

To teach and train new distillers the path to market once they have a product ready from their distilling equipment.

Tuition: $1,195.00 USD

About Moonshine University

Founded in 2012, Moonshine University is the nation’s premier educational distillery. Our facility was created from the ground up to teach new distillers how to get started in the industry, and to teach professional team members how to elevate key aspects of their craft and boost sales. Combining classroom instruction with practical, hands-on learning and sensory training, Moonshine University attracts people from all over the world, ensuring every attendee leaves with a complete and comprehensive education and skill set applicable to a variety of spirits and industry related areas.

In 2013, The Kentucky Distillers’ Association made Moonshine University their exclusive education provider. With the support of some of the industry’s leading institutions and distilleries, you can be sure that taking a class at Moonshine University will be worth the investment.

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august 29 (Monday) - 30 (Tuesday)


Moonshine University, Louisville, KY

Distilled Spirits Epicenter, 801 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203, United States

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