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Sellers Manufacturing is known throughout the distilled and craft spirits world for innovative design and manufacturing of the highest quality boilers, heaters, deaerators and related boiler room equipment, with unrivaled performance.

Steam System Basics: Why Steam?

There are three principal forms of energy used in industrial processes: electricity, direct-fired heat, and steam. Steam has many performance advantages that make it an indispensable means of delivering energy. These advantages include low toxicity, ease of transportability, high efficiency, high heat capacity, and low cost with respect to the other alternatives. Steam holds a significant amount of energy on a unit mass basis (between 1,000 and 1,250 British thermal units per pound [Btu/lb]) that can be extracted as mechanical work through a turbine or as heat for process use. Since most of the heat content of steam is stored as latent heat, large quantities of heat can be transferred efficiently at a constant temperature, which is a useful attribute in many process heating applications.

Since 1931, Sellers Manufacturing has been supplying the industry with the highest quality equipment with unrivaled reliability, efficiency, durability. Learn more here.

Sellers Immersion Fired Boilers

Sellers Manufacturing - Immersion Firing Principle
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Immersion Firing Principle:  The immersion fired boiler is based on the principle that the most effective heating surface in any boiler is the primary or radiant heating surface. This is the surface on which the fire shines. The primary heating surface absorbs 65% to 70% of the heat radiated by the burner flame in any boiler. The immersion boiler was designed to utilize this principle and maximize primary heating surface.

“In a Sellers boiler, 50% of the total heating surface is primary as compared to 5% to 14% in an ordinary boiler. This large percentage of primary heating results in balanced heat transfer and longer life.”

Research performed by the National Academy of Science, Report #44, determined that the amount of primary heating surface is the key to efficiency and long boiler life. Immersion firing gives you more primary heating surface than any other boiler on the market.

Built to Last

Sellers Manufacturing - Sellers Boiler Does Not Contain Refractory
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Sellers Eliminates Refractory: The Sellers immersion firing system is more than efficient. Design simplicity and rugged construction give you a boiler that is built to last.

“The Sellers Immersion Fired Boiler Does Not Contain Refractory of Any Kind.”

In many multi-pass boilers, flame and hot gases are directed from pass to pass with special refractory. High temperatures and the stress of constant heating and cooling make for a short service life. Yearly maintenance and periodic replacement becomes a costly and time consuming requirement. These costs are completely eliminated with a Sellers immersion boiler.

Sellers Eliminates Thermal Shock: Thermal shock can ruin a boiler. It is caused by the metal components in a boiler expanding or contracting unevenly. This can be caused by low feedwater temperatures, firing a cold boiler or uneven heat transfer rates across the heating surface. The result of thermal shock can be loose tubes, cracked tube ligaments or tube sheets. There are no thermal shock problems with the Sellers boiler. As shown in the graphic below, the single pass design eliminates the tremendous stresses that are associated with very high temperature differentials between the furnace and the successive passes of tubes in an ordinary boiler. Expansion is equal in all tubes, tube sheets are kept cool, and hot spots are eliminated.

SELLERS IMMERSION BOILER: Efficient one-pass firing means no thermal stress.
MULTI-PASS BOILERS: Increase thermal stress with each pass

Sellers Manufacturing - Multipass Boiler Under Thermal Stress, Figure A
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THERMAL SHOCK: In a multi-pass boiler, the different passes of tubes are heated to different temperatures. As a result, tremendous stresses are applied to the tube sheets and tube junctions (Figure A), distorting and fatiguing the steel.


Sellers Manufacturing - Sellers Boiler No Thermal Stress, Figure B
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A Sellers immersion boiler heats all tube sheets and junctions evenly. Adequate spacing between the tube bank and the boiler shell (Figure B) allows the tube sheet to flex naturally.



Sellers Manufacturing has a series of immersion boilers to fit almost any application.

Sellers Manufacturing - Sellers S-Series Boiler
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Deaerators and Boiler Feed Systems

What is a Boiler Feed System?

A boiler feed system is an assembly that efficiently pumps feedwater into a boiler. Seller’s boiler feed systems help prolong the life of boilers and maintain peak efficiency. Additionally, they provide more economical options to deaerators.

What is a Deaerator?

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Deaerators are mechanical devices that remove dissolved gases from boiler feedwater through a preheating process.

Deaeration protects industrial steam systems from the effects of corrosive gases by reducing the concentration of dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and other non-condensable gases to a level where corrosion is minimized.

A dissolved oxygen level of 5 parts per billion (ppb) or lower is needed to prevent corrosion in most high-pressure (>200 pounds per square inch) boilers. While oxygen concentrations of up to 43 ppb may be tolerated in low-pressure boilers, equipment life is extended at little or no cost by limiting the oxygen concentration to 5 ppb. Dissolved carbon dioxide is essentially completely removed by the deaerator.

How Does a Deaerator Work?

  • Raises the water temperature above the zero saturation temperature.
  • Agitates to overcome surface tension.
  • Atomizes water to smallest possible droplets.
  • Allows time for gases to escape.
  • Vents the gases from the system.

How Does a Deaerator Work
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Sellers Manufacturing - Deaerators and Boiler Feed Systems 08-2016
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Since 1931, Sellers Manufacturing has been supplying the industry with the highest quality equipment with unrivaled reliability, efficiency, durability. Learn more here.

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