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Windy Hill Spirits “American Born Moonshine” celebrated its two-year anniversary with a nod to the past and a push to the future. Founded in 2013 by Patrick Dillingham, a former Notre Dame quarterback, and Sean Koffel, a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and Iraq War veteran, American Born Moonshine has expanded its reach to 25 states, while also staking its claim as the fastest growing moonshine brand in the United States, doubling its sales volume over the past year.

“2015 has been an incredible growth year for American Born Moonshine,” says co-founder Sean Koffel. “We are now available in 25 states across the nation and we have expanded our reach with national marketing campaigns in music (their headquarters is in Nashville, TN) and racing (if you are thinking NASCAR, you are correct) as well as local bartender campaigns to help give people the best moonshine experience. We are looking forward to a great rest of the year with more growth on the way for 2016.”

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Earlier in 2015, Windy Hill Spirits kicked off a number of partnerships with large national retail and grocery chains including Kroger’s, Walmart, Safeway, and Albertson’s and expects this to be a significant area of future growth for the brand. In addition, American Born Moonshine has grown geographically and organically over the past twelve months, doubling its sales volume.

“We have seen tremendous positive feedback on American Born Moonshine since we rolled this out in Florida earlier this year,” said Eric G. Pfeil, vice president of sales, Premier Beverage Company.  “The volume has surpassed our initial expectations and projections.  Additionally, the folks from ABM have been very responsive with the market needs, and have provided excellent resources. We are looking forward to continued success with the brand and with Windy Hill Spirits as a whole.”

Social Media Campaign

To celebrate its incredible growth over the past two years, American Born Moonshine will be unveiling a new program called #sharetheshine, which will honor the bartenders, retailers and bootleggers that serve their drinks this fall and winter.  American Born Moonshine will be utilizing the hashtag #sharetheshine to track pictures of bartenders serving these participants and will select the most creative image as a winner every two weeks.  The winner will be contacted and will receive an American Born Moonshine crate filled with the best “ABM Moonshine Bootlegger gear.” To participate, people just need to like or follow @AmericanBornMoonshine on Instagram and post their most creative image embodying #sharetheshine. Participants can tag a friend or two they’d like to share the shine with and then hashtag #sharetheshine. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Looking at their social media accounts it looks like they have placed a lot of effort into targeting Millenials with Facebook with 154k likes, almost 8k followers on Instagram and just over 1k followers on Twitter. Pretty good for such a young company.

American Born Moonshine Offerings

American Born Moonshine Original “White Lighting” is a 103-proof, unaged corn whiskey made from a blend of corn, sugar and water. The recipe is high in corn content yet still embraces the sugar to allow for a smooth finish and remarkable mixability.

American Born Moonshine Apple Pie is 83 proof made from a 100% corn base with natural apple and cinnamon flavors.

American Born Moonshine Dixie is an 83-proof sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Dixie is made from a corn base combined with natural tea flavors for taste and enjoyment.

The average retail price is $24.99 for a 750ML jar.

The parent company, Windy Hill Spirits has raised $8.6 million in two rounds of funding since its founding. Its spirits are made by SPEAKeasy Spirits artisan distillery in Nashville, TN. SPEAKeasy Spirits offers private labeling, bottling, rectifying and processing services to the alcohol beverage industry. They currently serve more than 20 additional outside labels.

American Born Moonshine Jars

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