J & D Distilling Co. - Master Distiller Denny Potter and Master Blender Jane Bowie

In August, the news broke that long time Maker’s Mark Distillery Head of Blending Jane Bowie and Master Distiller Denny Potter were leaving the distillery to strike out on their own. At the time, they could not provide any details of their new project but today they were able to share some details.

When DistilleryTrail reported the news we referenced their departure as a part of ‘The Great Resignation’ phenomena catching up with distilleries. As one commenter pointed out we were looking at it the wrong way, it wasn’t The Great Resignation, but ‘The Great Renaissance’ and we couldn’t agree more. What is happening in the distilled spirits world right now is in fact a 21st Century Renaissance.

Announcing ‘J & D Distilling Company’

“Our plans are to build a distillery,” exclaimed J & D Distilling Company Co-Founder Jane Bowie. “We love American whiskey, full stop.

“We are officially building a distillery in Washington County [Kentucky]. We are busy trying to stay focused on the big picture right now. The first step is to get approval on building the distillery. Right now, everyday it’s like we are drinking out of a fire hydrant.

“Our registered name is J & D Distilling Company. We’ll figure out a final name for branding later. Right now, we know what kind of whiskey we want to make, and we know what kind of distillery we need to build to make it. I look forward to us sharing all the details.”

“We are so excited we are building a distillery in Washington County.”

The proposed $30 million, 25,000 square foot distillery will sit on a 150-acre piece of property in Springfield, Washington County right next to Nelson County, the home of Bardstown and The Bourbon Capital of the World. The plan is to finalize all the details of the distillery and permitting in order to break ground in the Spring of 2023 and be distilling new make whiskey in 2025.

Best of luck to Jane and Denny on their new project. Cheers!

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Washington County, Kentucky
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Washington County, Kentucky.

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