Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliot

Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott is releasing his first solo release since taking over the role of Master Distiller in September 2015. This hand selected limited edition single barrel, barrel strength bourbon is one of the Four Roses 10 unique Bourbon recipes. For this release Elliott chose a 14-year-old OESK bourbon.

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The company says the bourbon contains subtle aromas of peach jam, magnolia blossoms and light oak preview the elegantly-balanced flavors of spiced vanilla, fresh nutmeg and delicate, ripe fruits. Sweet flavors of honey and light apricot linger in the finish. Its mellow character from beginning to end is very much a reflection of Elliott himself.

“I’ve always been happiest when I’m so deep into a project that I lose track of time, and that’s exactly what happened when we began the process of selecting barrels for Elliott’s Select,” Elliott said. “There’s something unique about this 14-year-old Bourbon, and now that it has been bottled, I’m looking forward to taking a step back and hearing what our fans think.”

“Being master distiller is something I’ve found difficult to call a job because it’s a privilege and my passion,” said Elliott. “My focus continues to be what got me where I am, and what got the Four Roses brand where it is today, and that’s quality.”

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Formerly serving as the Distillery’s director of quality, Elliott’s decade of experience with Four Roses includes everything from applying his chemistry degree to evaluate Bourbons in the tasting lab, to taking part in the selection of barrels for Single Barrel bottlings and limited edition products. Elliott continues to serve as the brand’s director of quality, while also managing his duties as master distiller.

Four Roses will produce and distribute approximately 8,000 hand-numbered bottles of Elliott’s Select in the United States, which are expected to hit retail outlets in June. Elliott’s Select will retail for roughly $125 for a 750ml bottle.

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Four Roses Elliott’s Select Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon
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Four Roses Elliott’s Select Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon (back)
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