The Indiana Whiskey Company is a northern Indiana whisky microdistiller. They make small-batch spirits that blend Indiana’s best ingredients with their own individual style. Founder and owner Charles Florance is a big believer in sourcing his whisky products locally from farm to glass. He takes pride in blending Indiana’s two best assets: “agriculture and manufacturing.” Whatever he can source from Indiana, he sources from Indiana. It starts with the grain but includes pretty much the entire production process including whiskey stills and fermentors, labels, company logo, hoses, packaging, distributors and bottling.

He’s is also a big believer in giving back. Florance donates 3% of profits to Veteran vocational rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment programs. He knows what it’s like because he’s a veteran himself. He served 12 years in the U.S. Army Infantry.

To help get the distillery started, The Indiana Whiskey Company kicked off with a crowdfunding campaign on in 2012. That campaigin raised $23,249. To help keep up with demand for their premium whisky they turned to crowdfunding again in 2014. This campaign managed to raise $18,440 as of March 2014. One of the great things about these crowdsourcing sites is all the data is shared publicly so we get to take an insider’s look into what’s working. Some of the perks you think will be a home run may be a dud while others take off. Take a look at the chart below and you’ll see that the 750mL bottle of whisky for life for $325 is the one that had the most claims and generated the most cash from fans. Here’s a summary of the offerings and the claims.

$25 for a 750mL Bottle

A 750mL Bottle of our Silver Sweet Corn Whiskey. Must be picked up at the distillery in accordance with Indiana State Law. 9 out of 500 claimed

$50 Bottle and Grand Opening Party

An invitation to the Grand Opening Party at the new building and a special edition 750mL bottle. 20 out of 150 claimed.

$325 The Whiskituity®

One 750mL bottle of whiskey per year for life. Plus, free access to the Whiskituity® lounge in the new building. 27 out of 300 claimed.

$1,500 A Barrel of Whiskey

A ten gallon small format barrel of our Whiskey at cask strength (~60% ABV). You can take it with you or store it here – age it as long as you like. The barrel is yours to keep. Yields about 75 750mL bottles of 40% ABV whiskey. It’s like a Whiskituity® that you don’t have to wait for. 3 out of 5 claimed.

$3,500 The Whiskituity® Patron Saint

One 750mL bottle of whiskey per month for life. Plus, a life size canvas print of you in the Whiskituity® lounge. Perk can be shared, but by no more than 4 people. 1 out of 4 claimed.

Here’s a breakdown of all the fan perks that got them to the $18k.

indiana whiskey company indiegogo stats
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Florance says they’ve had an exciting and busy few months at The Indiana Whiskey Company. “Not only have we relocated to a larger facility, but we are also preparing to launch our first aged Whiskey. We think it’s an appropriate time to celebrate, and we can’t think of anyone we’d rather celebrate with.”

When asked what makes you successful, he credits…

“Sharing good products with truly great people.” Charlie Florance

 The Indiana Distilling Company Team
Indiana Whiskey Company Team
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