Jim Beam Distillery - JIM the High Tech Bourbon Decanter

I think Jim Beam Bourbon has its holidays a bit mixed up. It’s usually April Fool’s day when the gag gifts come out and you scratch your head a bit and ask, “Is that real? I kind of hope it is because I want one.” September of last year, the folks at Jim Beam came out with the high-tech/low-tech Version 1.0 Jim Beam Apple Watch. Could it keep time? Nope. Could it be used as a shot glass in a pinch? Yup.

This year’s holiday gift is also a high-tech/low-tech contraption. It’s appropriately called, “JIM.” JIM is a decanter that you can have a conversation with just like SIRI or Amazon’s Echo. “Hey Alexa, pour me a bourbon.” Unlike Alexa that might tell you how to order a bourbon, JIM actually pours you a bourbon.

Although it took Apple fans a couple of years to figure out that SIRI was Susan Bennet, a voice over artist from Atlanta, Georgia, there is no mystery to the Grandfatherly voice over for JIM. Is it Jim Beam himself? Not quite, but it is the voice of 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe.

Each JIM device includes a sleek compartment for bourbon storage and unique intelligence that answers some of life’s most pressing questions.

Here’s a typical conversation with JIM.

Q: Bearded Dude: Hey Jim, What’s the best way to drink bourbon?
A: JIM (Fred): Any damn way you please.

Q: Dude: “Hey Jim, what’s the weather today?”
A: JIM (Fred): I have no idea but I do know, it’s the perfect weather to enjoy bourbon.

Q: Dude: Hey Jim, pour me a drink.
A: JIM (Fred): Time to make history.

Dude: Hey Jim, thanks.
JIM (Fred): The pleasure is mine.

JIM Beam Whiskey Decanter Shortage – Out of Stock

Just like the occasional whiskey story that says the world is about to run dry of bourbon, the Jim Beam website says that this product is, “Temporarily Out of Stock.” “JIM” retails for $34.90. Not too bad compared to Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) that retails for $99.99 but, you could just pick up a bottle (or two) of Jim Beam Bourbon for the same price as JIM and just watch the video below.

“JIM” The World’s First Intelligent Bourbon Decanter

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This Isn’t Jim Beams 1st Decanter Rodeo

If you’ve ever toured the Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, KY then you know that the bourbon maker has been producing decanters for many, many years. “At Jim Beam, we’re in the business of evolving the way people drink delicious bourbon,” said Fred Noe. “For decades, we produced unique limited-edition decanters that are now collectors’ items. And now, we’re introducing a smart decanter that lets fans enjoy their bourbon on demand with friends and family.”

Below are a few photos from a recent visit to the distillery. Take a close look at the tall green bottle. Do you recognize it? Let us know in the comments whose bottle that is!

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Jim Beam High-Tech Bourbon Decanter

Jim Beam - High Tech Bourbon Decanter
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