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Don Julio Gonzalez began his passionate pursuit to create the world’s original luxury tequila in 1942. Now, three years after his passing, the brand that Gonzalez founded is commemorating his determination and passion by releasing “The Legend of Don Julio Gonzalez Video.” The video allows a rare first-person glimpse into the story of how Tequila Don Julio was founded, as spoken by the man himself in his last known interview conducted with tequila expert Tomas Estes. Released for Dia de los Muertos, a traditional Mexican day dedicated to honoring the deceased, The Legend of Don Julio Gonzalez Video celebrates the life of the man with vision, passion and integrity and his extraordinary foresight and actions that led to the creation of Tequila Don Julio.

I had nothing but the blessing of a father.
Don Julio - I had nothing but the blessing of a father
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Throughout his life, Don Julio worked tirelessly, neither allowing himself to fail nor succumbing to adversities. This November, Tequila Don Julio is remembering his unique tequila-making journey with this special video by sharing the original story of the man whose ventures paid off to forever revolutionize the tequila industry. From standing in front of a powerful business man to garner the loan that would kick-start the build of the La Primavera distillery, to planting his agave further apart in order to absorb more nutrients and thus allowing them to reach full maturity, yielding a better crop, Don Julio Gonzalez’s efforts led not only to the creation of Tequila Don Julio, but also to a new era of luxury tequila production. By showcasing his poignant personal journey, The Legend of Don Julio Gonzalez Video showcases that it is possible to overcome obstacles when you have determination and passion.

Don Julio Gonzalez Started with Only His Passion and Left a Legacy of Integrity and Craft
Don Julio - Left a Legacy of Integrity and Craft
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“The Legend of Don Julio Gonzalez Video honors the legacy of our founder, and we’re proud to honor him on Dia de los Muertos in celebration of his life and passion,” says Tequila Don Julio Director, Jeff Parrott. “As more consumers are appreciating and seeking out the authenticity and craft of luxury tequila, it’s essential that we share the story of the man that started it all for Tequila Don Julio.”

Don Julio Gonzales – Founder Don Julio Tequila

Don Julio Tequila Collection
Don Julio Tequila Collection
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