Distillery of Modern Art - Coming to Atlanta Georgia in the Fall of 2019

New York City may have the MoMA but not to be outdone Atlanta, Georgia will soon have DoMA – Distillery of Modern Art. The good news is the original works of art(isan spirits) you see in this location will all be available for consumption.

Distillery of Modern Art - Founder Seth Watson
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Distillery of Modern Art – Founder Seth Watson

Distillery founder Seth Watson has announced plans to build the Distillery of Modern Art (DoMA) in Chamblee. Plans for the 15,000 square foot building and location for the new distillery, the first distillery in the Chamblee metro area, have already been approved and the project is moving forward. Watson has partnered with BoggsVickers architectural firm to convert the space into a production area for the craft distillery, retail and exhibition space with a tasting room and bar component, and a space for private events.

“At the Distillery of Modern Art, we are first and foremost a distillery of fine spirits,” said Watson. “We are also a destination and experience that’s shaped, in part, by our local community. That’s why we are tapping into our surrounding arts community to find established and emerging artists to feature their abstract expression of our spirits which will serve as an integral part of our bottles, our distillery and ultimately, our brand.”

What’s the Connection between MoMA and DoMA?

I found the name of this new distillery intriguing so I reached out to Watson to find out about his inspiration for the name. Here’s what he had to say.

“The name was born after diving deep into the art of distilling. What I wanted to do was create a modern and artistic angle for the industry. I come from the hospitality world for nearly 20 years, creating immersive experiences for people all over the state, with a deep appreciation for art (abstract being some of my favorite) and spirits. I wanted to gravitate away from the classic 200 year old recipes and constant references to prohibition, and focus on modern concepts.”

The distillery building itself will serve as a piece of modern art for visitors. As contemporary art is transformative and reveals itself differently to each individual, the form of the building changes its appearance from day into night as well.

What Spirits Will Be Distilled?

Distillery of Modern Art - Bourbon, Rye and Corn Whiskey, Gin and Vodka
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Watson will focus his efforts first on distilling gin and vodka, followed shortly by a variety distinctive liqueurs as well as American corn, rye and bourbon whiskeys. He’s going to start out his distillation with a Hot Rod Still from Detroit Stillworks and work on his recipes. The Hot Rod Still can heat up to running temperature in five minutes and produce 2000 proof gallons in an eight-hour shift. Watson said, “The Detroit Stillworks Hot Rod Still will help us play around with GNS until we get it right and then go from scratch on the Vendome Copper & Brass Works equipment.”

The Distillery of Modern Art is expected to open in the Fall of 2019.

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