Top 30 Best Selling Liquors by Type of Liquor Cover

Isn’t data beautiful? And in this case, delicious. Here’s a look at the Top 30 most popular liquors in the world sorted by type of liquor and the brands within each category.

The entire group accounts for $45 Billion in annual total sales. Here’s a breakdown by category.

  • Whisky: $17.5 Billion (39%)
  • Vodka: $10.75 Billion (24%)
  • Liqueur: $5.2 Billion (12%)
  • Cognac: $5 Billion (11%)
  • Rum: $4.25 Billion 9%)
  • Tequila: $2.3 Billion (5%)

The color scheme also highlights the revenue by brand for Diageo, Bacardi, Pernod-Ricard and Brown Forman.

Here’s the two part series in case you missed one.

Part 1: The Top 30 Most Popular Liquors in the World by Type
Part 2: The Top 30 Most Popular Liquors in the World by Sales

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Take a look at the data to see how all the dots are connected.

Click here to see the full size infographic.

Image courtesy of VinePair.

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