National Bourbon Day - Bardstown Virtual Event June 12 & 13, 2020

A day without bourbon is like a day without sunshine. Back in 2007 the U.S. Senate officially declared September as Bourbon Heritage Month. It’s the time of year when distilleries across the country and bourbon fans from around the world celebrate America’s Native Spirit – Bourbon.

Well, if you can’t wait until September then we have good news there is also a thing called National Bourbon Day that takes place every June. This year’s National Bourbon Day officially falls on June 14, 2020 and if you are like the rest of us after a long Covid-19 lockdown period we could all use a good shot of bourbon.

National Bourbon Day Must Go On – Virtually

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year’s event will not be happening in person. Rather than skipping the event and saying see you next year the folks in Bardstown – the Bourbon Capital of the World – will be celebrating with a two day virtual event.

The 2020 National Bourbon Day celebration will take place virtually over two days beginning Friday evening, June 12 and Saturday, June 13. The two day event will include live cocktail classes, a brunch bourbon cooking class and an exclusive sneak peek at the new Dant family Log Still Distillery and the expansion of the Heaven Hill Distillery.

View Bardstown National Bourbon Day Virtual Event Schedule

A full listing of scheduled events can be found in our events calendar here – Bardstown’s Virtual National Bourbon Day Celebration.

Participating Distilleries

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A Parade of Trucks Filled with Bourbon

Since you can’t be there in person this year we thought you might like taking a look at the parade of bourbon trucks from last year. Sorry for the video quality the trucks kind of snuck up on us.

Q: How can you spot a truck full of Bourbon?
A: Look for the red and white 3065 placard!

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