The Glencairn Glass – The World’s Favorite Whisky Glass Turns 20

There are three things you can count on when you go to most whiskey tastings.

  1. Whiskey – Of all types including Whiskey, Whisky, Tennessee Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, American Single Malt Whiskey, Moonshine Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey and more.
  2. Glencairn Glasses – Dozens and dozens of Glencairn whiskey tasting glasses.
  3. Martin Duffy – Whiskey aficionado and U.S. Brand Representative for Glencairn Crystal

When most people talk about a whiskey glass they immediately have an image in their mind of a curvaceous, tubular, crystal clear glass. And if they had to say what kind of glass it was they would likely say it’s a Glencairn glass. The Glencairn glass is the equivalent of Kleenex and facial issue. Glencairn is a trademark name just as Kleenex is a trademark name.

The Glencairn Glass Celebrates 20 Years of Whiskey

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Family owned and award-winning Scottish crystal company Glencairn Crystal Studio is marking 20 years since the birth of the world’s favorite whisky glass, The Glencairn Glass, throughout 2020.

Since its creation by Glencairn Crystal Studio in 2000, The Glencairn Glass has become iconic for whisky lovers around the world. The glass was born out of Raymond Davidson’s (Glencairn’s Founder) vision to create a glass that would encourage the user to fully appreciate the nose and palate of a whisky, while being an aesthetically pleasing object. The Glencairn Glass is now the definitive whisky glass around the world today, with over 3 million being sold each year and over 25 million sold since its creation. The glass is distributed across the globe in 140 different countries.

The Glencairn team is set to mark this momentous anniversary in 2020 with a number of milestone happening throughout 2020.

  • The Glencairn Glass – Did You Know Over 25 Million Glencairn Glasses Have Been Created Since 2001
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    The new Glencairn PodGlass series – a series of insightful and informative podcasts with Glencairn Crystal Founder, Raymond Davidson, and guest appearances by some of the whisky industry’s renowned and respected names – some of whom were involved in the early development of The Glencairn Glass. You can listen to Episode 1 about how the it all started below.
  • New versions of the Glencairn Glass that will be added to the existing range.
  • A unique fundraising initiative with the proceeds going to the company’s chosen charity partners.
  • The official opening of the new expanded Glencairn Crystal Studio site in East Kilbride: which incorporates a stunning refurbishment and a substantial new build on the original Glencairn site to cater for expanding demand – all built by local businesses.

Glencairn will be revealing more details on how followers and social media fans can become part of their 20th Anniversary tribute throughout the year.

The Glencairn PodGlass: Episode 1

Raymond Davidson, The founder of Glencairn Crystal and the creator of The Glencairn Glass talks to us about the early years.

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