If bourbon whiskey fans are looking for nirvana after months of lock down then they should mark June 8, 2020 on their calendars. Think of it a bit like NASCAR where they have the big race at the start of the season. That’s kind of what is scheduled to take place at Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville, Kentucky.

June the 8th is not only the day that distilleries in Kentucky ‘can’ reopen their doors to welcome whiskey fans it is also the day that Wilderness Trail Distillery is releasing its six year old wheated Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The day will also mark the kickoff to summer bourbon tourism as Wilderness Trail Distillery officially moves up from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour to the world famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. A pretty impressive feat to join the ranks of historic distilleries like Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Michter’s, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve and others.

Visitors should start getting prepared, get your mask ready (it’s required to get into the visitor center), be prepared to social distance (remember, that’s two bourbon barrel lengths) and head down to Danville on the 8th. And if you need it they may have some whiskey scented hand sanitizer available for sale as well, no guarantees on this as it is in short supply.

Wilderness Trail 6 YO Bottled-in-Bond Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

Opening day will include Wilderness Trail’s first ever six year old bottled-in-bond wheated bourbon.

“We always practice patience in aging our whiskeys,” explained Wilderness Trail Distillery Co-Founder and Master Distiller Shane Baker. “We’re used to waiting for those great flavors the years spent in the barrel produce. But it’s been hard to wait for the return of our visitors. It seems like years since we’ve had guests. We wanted to make the first day back extra special.”

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Wilderness Trail 6 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Tasting Notes

“In just 3 Words, ‘Sweet, Bright, Juicy’,” said Macaulay Minton who oversees Wilderness Trail’s barrel pick program. “What I love about this bourbon is after years of waiting, it’s turning the corner into a well balanced wheated expression. I find that it has an overall more developed flavor profile of rich stone fruit, caramel, and toasted oak and moving away from younger, warm cereal grains.”

Color – Deep Auburn.
Nose – Just wow, a powerful complex nose of sweet stone fruit, cherries, baking spice, leather and toasted oak.
Sip – Mouthwatering complex caramelized sugar, juicy stone fruit, hint of leather.
Finish – Long lingering finish of pecan pie and pepper.

Limited Release Bourbon in Family Reserve Mahogany Box with a Pair of Shot Glasses

To mark the special occasion the distillery has prepared circa 900 boxes of their new 6 year old bourbon to be designated as Family Reserve. This limited edition set will come in a mahogany box with ‘Family Reserve’ written in gold lettering, two shot glasses and one bottle of 100 proof wheated bourbon. 100 bottles are available now for pre-sale online from their online store while another 300 bottles will be for sale in the gift shop on opening day. The box sets retail for $75 plus tax and pre-orders will be available for curbside pickup when the distillery opens. Additional sets will be distributed throughout Kentucky a week or so later. Once the first 900 box sets are gone the stand alone bottles will be available.

What to Expect When Visiting Wilderness Trail Distillery

Keep in mind that just like most businesses in our new normal Covid-19 pandemic world that things have changed for any public facing facility. In order to protect visitors and employees everyone is expected to wear a mask, social distance and capacity has been reduced following state guidelines. The number of people in the Visitor Center is limited 10.

And regarding the distilleries ‘can’ reopen their doors. According to state guidelines Kentucky distilleries can reopen at 33% capacity to the public on June 8, 2020 but some may choose to open at a later date. It’s a good idea to call ahead before venturing out on the Trail!

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