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Alan Bishop, Jim Wolfe and Erik Wolfe

A Day on the Trail: A Hoosier Born Distiller Travels to Pennsylvania to Collaborate on a Colonial Era 4-Grain Whiskey

American distilling history is full of stories of settlers and second born generations heading west
Spirits of French Lick - A Southern Indiana Craft Distillery

Spirits of French Lick Distillery Expands North of the Border with Distribution in Canada

Spirits of French Lick Distillery located in West Baden Springs, Indiana, has announced its official
Spirits of French Lick - Master Distiller Alan Bishop Sharing His New Hybrid Corn Elise

An Alchemist’s Grain Journey from Seed to Field to Harvest to Grits to Still. And Back Again.

The word alchemy or alchemist can take on many forms depending on its context. A
French Lick Winery - 25th Anniversary Celebration 2021

French Lick Winery, Home to Spirit of French Lick Distillery, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

French Lick Winery, one part of the French Lick Wine and Spirits that also operates
Indiana Rye Whiskey - What is Indiana Rye Whiskey

What is Indiana Rye Whiskey? Effective July 1, 2021 There’s an Official Definition.

As the world of craft spirits continues to grow across the United States so does
Spirits of French Lick Distillery - Propagating Historic Yeast Strains, Setting the Yeast Traps, Cover

Spirits of French Lick Distiller Captures Historic Wild Yeast in Search of Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Flavors

Artisanal craft spirits makers are a crafty bunch that spend a lot of time trying
What is Indiana Brandy - A Historically Accurate Hoosier Brandy

Hoosier Distiller Proposes a Definition for Indiana Apple Brandy

There’s a definition for Kentucky Bourbon, Missouri Bourbon, Empire Rye and a proposed definition for
Spirits of French Lick - Lee W. Sinclair, Four Grain Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Spirits of French Lick Distillery Releases its 1st Four Grain Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Spirits of French Lick distillery in West Baden Springs, Indiana has released its first in
Handmade Copper Yeast Jug

The Making of a Handcrafted Copper Yeast Jug [Photos]

When you start going down the rabbit hole you tend to find new paths at


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