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Spirits of French Lick Distillery - Propagating Historic Yeast Strains, Setting the Yeast Traps, Cover

Spirits of French Lick Distiller Captures Historic Wild Yeast in Search of Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Flavors

Artisanal craft spirits makers are a crafty bunch that spend a lot of time trying
Handmade Copper Yeast Jug

The Making of a Handcrafted Copper Yeast Jug [Photos]

When you start going down the rabbit hole you tend to find new paths at
What is a Yeast Jug - Discovering a Link to Bourbons Past, Old Yeast Jug

What is a Yeast Jug? Discovering a Link to Bourbons Past

What the heck is a yeast jug? Ask someone with experience in a bourbon distillery
J.W. Dant 1890s Yeast Recipe

4 Handwritten Yeast Recipes c.1890 from J.W. Dant – Distiller

Every distillery has a story. Some distilleries are new and they are writing a new


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