Bardstown Bourbon Company - 2016 Vendome Still No. 1 Delivery and 2023 Origin Series

Making great bourbon whiskey takes great people, a plan, patience, and money, lots, and lots of money. What started as a plan in 2014 turned into a reality when Bardstown Bourbon Company in BardstownNelson CountyKentucky installed their first column still in 2016. A couple years later they installed a mirror image of the same exact still to keep up with customer demand. Combined those two 36” x 50’ Vendome Copper & Brass Works stills, along with several expansion projects along the way, has grown Bardstown Bourbon into the seventh largest bourbon distillery in the world according to the company.

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In 2019, Bardstown Bourbon introduced the Fusion Series. The Fusion Series is a blend of their own young distillate blended with older sourced whiskey. In other words, it’s been a fusion of their own young bourbon or rye whiskies blended with a bourbon or rye with 10 or 11 years of age on it. All the mash bills have consistently been detailed on the label for each release. Now that their own bourbon and rye whiskies have hit the six year mark the Fusion Series is being retired after release No. 9 to be replaced by the Origin Series featuring all home grown whiskey.

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“Our Fusion Series showcased our fantastic younger maturate profile, balanced by the depth of older sourced Kentucky bourbon,” said VP of Product Development Dan Callaway. “From its inception, the Fusion Series was intended to pave the way for our 100% estate-distilled product that carries its own age and balance.”

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Kicks Off 2023 with Launch of ‘Origin Series’, 100% Home Grown Bourbon & Rye Whiskey

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The marketing of bourbon and rye whiskey is an interesting thing. Sometimes things require a lot of explaining because of naming conventions while other things are pretty straight forward. In the case of this new release, they’ve taken the latter route. The Origin Series name is pretty easy to understand and makes perfect sense in this distillery’s journey from distilling their own spirits from scratch to aging, bottling and now fruition. The Origin Series features spirits made 100% by the team lead by Master Distiller and Bourbon Hall of Fame member Steve Nally.

Six years after their first whiskey was distilled Origin Series is ready to make its debut in 2023 with three new expressions.

“The Origin Series is the first opportunity to taste an expression that is 100 percent our whiskey,” added Callaway. “We’ve put years of patience into this bottle, waiting six years until we felt it was truly ready to share with the world. The full technical capabilities of our distillery are on display with these three bespoke products.”

The three 6-year-old whiskies include Origin Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Origin Bottled-in-Bond wheated bourbon and Origin Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey.

Origin Series Specs and Tasting Notes

Origin Series Bourbon is a 6-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Callaway says this 36 percent high-rye mash bill showcases the best of classic bourbon with a burst of rye spice. A balanced blend of apricot, orange blossom, and mint rests on caramel, nutmeg, and rich oak unfolds on the nose. On the palate, waves of cinnamon and vanilla lead to a bold, signature lasting finish.

Wheated Bottled-in-Bond presents the best locally sourced corn and wheat grains in this 6-year-old straight bourbon whiskey. This bourbon features 20 percent wheat in the mashbill, creating a beautifully balanced modern expression. Baked peach with cream meets cocoa with hints of lemon on the nose. An indulgent, smooth mouthfeel of stone fruit and toffee leads to an alluring and enduring finish.

Kentucky Straight Rye is finished in custom barrels comprised of alternating toasted American oak and toasted cherry wood staves. This finishing process creates a wholly unique flavor unlike anything seen in the rye category. Ripe cherry resonates through toasted oak, highlighted by white flower, dill, and cinnamon. A rich, round mouthfeel bursts with fruit flavor leading to a one-of-a-kind sublime finish.

BBc Origin SeriesMashbillProofRetail Price
Bourbon60% Corn
36% Rye
4% Malted Barley
Bourbon Bottled in Bond68% Corn
20% Wheat
12% Malted Barley
Kentucky Straight Rye95% Rye
5% Malted Barley

Bardstown Bourbon to Debut Single Barrels Sales

In addition to the three core products, the launch of the Origin Series will include for the first time, a single barrel program from Bardstown Bourbon Co. A limited number of Origin Series Bourbon (60% corn, 36% rye, 4% malted barley) single barrels will be available annually for purchase by the barrel to on- and off-premise retailers. Each retailer will be able to hand-select their unique single barrel on-site at Bardstown Bourbon Co. The company has designated 100 single barrels for 2023.

Origin Series will be available beginning in 2023. Origin Series Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bottled at 96 proof (48% ABV) with a suggested price of $44.99; Origin Series Bottled-in-Bond wheated bourbon whiskey is bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) with a suggested price of $49.99 and finally Origin Series Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is bottled at 96 proof (48% ABV) with a suggested price of $69.99. The Origin Series will be distributed to retailers in 24 states, at the distillery gift shop, and via a number of online retailers.

Founded in 2014 by the late Peter Loftin Bardstown Bourbon Company brings a spirit of transparency to an industry often cloaked in secrecy and lore. In addition to their own brands the company produces custom rye, whiskey and bourbon for prominent brands including Jefferson’s, Blue Run, Belle Meade and many others through its one-of-a-kind collaborative distilling program.

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