Jim Beam Distillery - Warehouse Q, Building 80

Beam Suntory has opened a brand new seven-story barrel warehouse in Frankfort, Kentucky. The company says this is the first new barrel warehouse built in the city since 1968.

The new structure spans more than 275,000 square feet, and is the largest of Beam Suntory’s 112 rackhouses in Kentucky, with room for more than 59,000 barrels, 17% more than its next-largest warehouse. It is the largest rackhouse that can currently be built under current Kentucky state law.

Jim Beam Old Grand Dad Plant, Frankfort, KY
Jim Beam Old Grand Dad Plant, 3200 Georgetown Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601
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The building is a testament not only to surging demand for bourbon globally, but Beam Suntory’s commitment to and investment in the state, the heartland of its business.

“The need for this incredible new Rackhouse really underscores the global thirst for bourbon,” said David Hunter, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Beam Suntory. “I’m so proud of the team here in Frankfort, and all of our operations in Kentucky, who have been working so hard to keep up with the pace of demand for bourbon around the world.”

Kentucky State Representative Andy Barr
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“The opening of this new barrelhouse reflects the importance of the bourbon industry and the commitment of Beam Suntory to central Kentucky,” said U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, Lexington. “Each of those barrels represents good paying jobs made possible by global demand for Kentucky’s native spirit.”

“This is a big moment for our entire campus here at Frankfort,” said Alan Mitchell, General Manager, Frankfort. “Not only will this new facility give us ample space for aging our incredible products, but its close proximity to the bottling lines will make transfer efficient.”

Beam Suntory plans to invest more than $1 billion to make bourbon in Kentucky over the next five years, including grains, barrels, payroll and capital expenditures.

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