Orphan Barrel Distillery - Copper Tongue 16 Year Old Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co. searches the world for forgotten barrels of rare and delicious whiskey. Their latest discovery comes from the hills and hollers around the Cascade Hollow Distillery in Tullahoma, Tennessee. This new Copper Tongue16 year old cask strength straight bourbon whiskey release pays homage to the snakes that are often seen sunning themselves around the distillery.

Nestled in a valley with a spring-fed creek in an area known for its population of copperhead snakes, Copper Tongue was discovered by Cascade Hollow Distilling Co.’s Master Distiller Nicole Austin. The conditions inside these single story rickhouses stay hot in the summer but are also cooled by the natural valley air, these rickhouses draw inspiration from traditional Scottish barrel storage and are a rather unique feature in the U.S. These particular barrels helped impart a special character onto the liquid.

Cascade Hollow Distilling - General Manager and Distiller Nicole Austin
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Cascade Hollow Distilling General Manager and Distiller Nicole Austin.

While this is the second Orphan Barrel release from Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. (following the 2016 release of Orphan Barrel Whoop & Holler 28-Year-Old), Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue marks the first from the Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. from Austin. Over the years, the team at Cascade Hollow has released a number of award-winning whiskies under Nicole’s leadership.

“Since joining the team at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co., I’ve loved getting to explore all the incredible whiskies produced at the distillery. In that process, I’ve been excited to have found such an amazing whiskey to give a home to,” said Austin.

“Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue brings together traditions from both American and Scotch whiskeys, and the result is a sophisticated straight bourbon that’s surprisingly delicate. With this release, I can’t wait to share this rare whiskey with the world and showcase a bit of the magic that can comes from Cascade Hollow.”

Copper Tongue Tasting Notes

This 16-year-old bourbon boasts an approachable and mellow profile balanced by juicy bursts of candied orange and hints of cedar. Tennessee bourbon fans can best enjoy Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue neat or thoughtfully garnished with a slice of pear.

Orphan Barrel Copper Tongue 16 Year Old Cask Strength Bourbon is bottled at a relatively low 89.8 proof (44.9% ABV). Copper Tongue is available now with a suggested retail price of $100.

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Copper Tongue Aged 16 Years Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

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