Author: Matt Strickland

Matt Strickland is the Head Distiller for Distillerie Cote des Saints, a new farm distillery in Mirabel Quebec, where he makes single malt whisky and gin. After earning his Master’s in Oenology and Viticulture from Oregon State University he began working for the acclaimed Corsair Distillery in Nashville Tennessee as the head of research and development. He has since gone on to form his own consulting business, D.R.A.M. Services and Consulting. He is a faculty member of both the Distilled Spirits Epicenter and Siebel Institute. He also sits on the Board of Examiners for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling where he also writes much of their learning materials and regularly contributes articles the their monthly magazine BDI. 

Cask Management for Distillers is designed to give distillers of all levels a better understanding of the spirit maturation process. Chapters detail important considerations and concepts such as the effect of wood species on maturation and spirit quality, the chemistry underlying cask aging, the selection of the best casks, and how to manipulate a number of important variables to best achieve your desired spirit profile. Later chapters look at maturation techniques for the world’s great spirit types, blending techniques, sensory profiling, and even how to repair the occasionally pesky barrel.

Written in a thorough but easy to understand style, Strickland takes the reader on a journey through the oak stands and stave yards to the warehouse and finally the blending room to give one of the most comprehensive explanations of the spirits maturation process put to paper yet.

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